Exotic Olds Intakes

Submitted by Joe Padavano Padavano.Joe@orbital.com

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There are six pictures, two each of the factory experimental cross ram, the factory experimental weber manifold, and an aftermarket mechanical fuel injection manifold built by Algon. The cross ram and weber intakes appear in a picture of Olds experimental engines in the July 1969 issue of Hot Rod.
The cross ram appears on a green 455 in the back row of the HR pic, while the weber intake actually serves as the basis for the fuel injection setup used on the aluminum block 455 shown on the cover of that mag. I managed to buy each of the three at swap meets in So Cal during the 80s.

The cross ram, as you can see, is configured for dual Q-jets positioned back-to-back. Between the two carb locations you can see a black bellcrank for the throttle linkage. The threaded holes in the top surface of the manifold are for access to tighten the bolts holding the intake to the heads.
These holes are plugged with pipe plugs once the bolts are torqued. Other bolts are accessed through the carb holes. This is similar to the Chrysler Max Wedge intakes. You'll note that both factory intakes carry the firing order in raised numbers, as well as an identification number that starts with "ER" (experimental research?).

The Algon FI manifold also has velocity stacks and injector plumbing (not shown in the pics). There are two throttle shafts which run longitudinally through the ports and eight individual butterflies. A linkage across the rear of the manifold works these two shafts in sync.