If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport.
-Episode #10
by Phil Veldheer

The Performance Racing Industry has a show once a year in the Midwest that show off all of the latest high performance parts to all the people involved in the performance industry. Racers, wholesalers, dealers, counter people from parts stores, etc. They were all there. This was the first time for Indianapolis and it was huge. They had nearly 2,000 booths. It started on a Thursday Dec. 5th and ran through Saturday the 7th. The gates opened daily at 9:00 a.m. and the lines were long. I was there at 8:45 a.m. the first day and the second the gates opened I went all the way to the other end of the entrance and did the show backwards. The next time I looked at my watch it was 2:00p.m. WOW. Owning three race cars, you get to know a lot of manufacturers. It was fun to meet someone for the first time, that you've talked to many times over the phone.

The first company (photo A) we are going to talk about is Moser Engineering. It is based out of Portland, Indiana and is owned and operated by Greg and Mary Ann Moser. All three of my cars have the whole Moser assembly from axles, spools, cases and wheel studs. Moser had many new items on display including a new aluminum 9" Ford case with a new super duty 3 bolt design. Other new items featured were new 5/8" titanium drive studs, new weld on housing ends and new spring attachments to mate your cars rear end to your car correctly. They have everything you'll need for the drivetrain of any type of vehicle. They can be reached at 219-726-6689. I've gotten to know Greg over the years and he is a super guy. In the last 5 years they have sold over 150,000 custom alloy axles. They have a bolt in rear end for your Olds Cutlass that holds a stronger 9" Ford. Plus C'clip kits for 10 bolt GM rear ends.

Photo B shows Goodridge sales manager Robert DeCrescenzo holding a new quick release coupling for brake and clutch systems. For example, you need to change your front brake rotor quickly, with this installed between the brake and the master cylinder on the brake line, all it takes is a quick twist off and a quick twist on and you're ready to race again. It is available in aluminum or stainless steel. They also have a complete line on aluminum fitting and braided hoses. They are getting to be the most prominant one in NASCAR as they have a technical center set up in Mooresville. They also just set up a complete operation in Indy. They can be reached at 310-533-1924. Tell them were you read about there new product. All three of my race cars are equpped with Goodridge, they have the biggest assortment of custom fittings anywhere.

Photo C shows the latest from K&N Filters. They have a complete line of carbon fiber products , from air cleaner tops, to valve covers to fit just about everything the U.S. has to offer. They are finally getting caught up on there hot selling X-Stream air flow top -air cleaner tops. That item was the hit of last years show. It adds 1000 cfm of air flow to your current 14" air cleaner

Photo D shows Dan DeBlasio and he is the Sales Manager from HAWK Brake. I never realized how big the brake industry is until I talked to Dan. They are the leader in disk brake pads in the racing world. They cover NASCAR, Cart, Touring Cars, Late Model, Dirt, Rally, Off Road, Road Racing, Driving Schools and even high performance street brakes. Call 330-725-4941 for more info. They have 10 different materials to choose from for basically the same braking system. Just tell your salesman what kind off racing you do or street driving and he can give you the correct combination.

Photo E shows Russ Smith, Sales Manager for JAZ Products He is standing by his latest "pro stock" seat. I have one just about the same as the one pictured, except it is 10 years old, and still holding up strong. JAZ makes the best, they also sell 5 different style seat belts and some of those are shown also. They are also available in three colors, red, black or blue. They have the best price on seat belts also. Besides seats and seat belts, they are the leader in fuel cells. They have everything you'll need to make that pro-street Cutlass. They can be reached 18005258133

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