If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport...episode # 11 -Jim's Performance Transmissions.
by Phil Veldheer

JPT is short for Jim's Performance Transmissions, it is owned and operated by Jim Paquet of Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Jim turns the big five-oh this year and has been building and rebuilding transmissions since he was 14 years old. His business is not only done in the United States, but the world over. Jim has shipped transmissions to Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Germany, Australia, Canada and South America just to name a few. What drives people to ship there transmissions to JPT? After spending time at his near 7000 square foot shop, its easy to see why. How many transmissions shows can you go to where you can eat off the floor? JPT is spotless.
Jim has 4 employees and a large percent of what they work on is racing related, however if you need ANY KIND of transmission, manual or automatic restored or rebuilt, HE CAN DO IT. Being this close to Lansing, home of Oldsmobile, he has done many of them. He was also seen looking at all the Oldsmobiles at last years Blowout in Lansing.
At last years season ending NHRA invitational at Indy, his transmissions were winner and runner-up in Super Stock and runner-up in stock. Looking at the many photos on the walls you will see many NHRA and IHRA class winners and record holders along with winners in NMCA and NSCA. Jim is a sponsor at al NHRA Open events and pays contingency at those events, however if you win a major event with his JPT logo on your race car he'll pay you. He pays winners in NHRA, IHRA, NMCA and NSCA.
Jim and his group build and maintain 1000 transmissions a year. Jim also builds and rebuilds convertors and does about 350 of those per year. All done one at a time with a lot of attention to detail. He does all brands of transmissions and builds full "rollers"for all of them. That process is one Jim originated many years ago. That is, to take out all the main thrust washers throughout the transmission and put in needle bearings. In addition, Jim will send you most of the parts in you want to do it yourself.

Photo 1 shows an engine dyno that since 1991 EVERY transmission that has left JPT has been bolted to and tested before it leaves the shop. Impressive.

Photo 2 shows Jim in front of his massive CNC Machine with a solid piece of billet aluminum on top and a completely machined valve body in his other hand. Each piece made is perfect.

Photo 3 shows Jim with another piece of billet aluminum in his right hand and in his left is another finished drum for one of his many applications. Jim sells a lot of these. Give him a call and order one, two or three of these for your racing transmission.

Photo 4 shows a custom built input shaft and a custom output shaft for a C-4 transmission. Also visible is a custom built aluminum servo. Jim also makes bell housings for Ford FE engines, planetary gear sets, separator plates, deep pans, splines for a C-4 to a turbo, C-4 to a glide, torqueflite to a powerglide, but the one that surprised me was the one size fits all bellhousing that bolts to ANY GM engine with a Ford Automatic bolted to it. Jim offered " its easier and less expensive to change gear ratios in the Ford trans". By working as hard as Jim does, it allows him to play just as hard. At home, you'll see him either restoring a Harley or a Cushman. Or you might see him at the drag strip with his 1997 Dodge Dakota Club cab. He is the IHRA record holder in FT/SA and he is in the process of updating it to a 1999. Jim can be reached at 517-663-0578 monday thru Friday or mail goes to 320 Hamman, Eaton Rapids MI 48827

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