If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport...episode # 12-Demon Carbs, Kooler ATF & Pioneer Products
by Phil Veldheer

This is another article dealing with the PRI Show in Indy. At the show several companies debut new products, and the one that hit my hot button the most was Demon Carburetors. These are made by the same people who brought you Barry Grant Carbs, but took it to a higher level. Photo 12A shows Demon Carb sitting atop my carburetor workbench (a folgers coffee can) After looking at these carbs at the show and seeing the many improvements over the other brand I decided to get three, one for each race car. Happiness is opening a big box with three of these bad-boys in it. It took me about five minutes and I had one completely apart. I was impressed. Plus reassembling it, it was evident that this was a custom made piece as the pieces fir together like a glove. If you take one apart and reassemble one, you'll know what I mean. This carb is the Race Demon. It is produced with both fixed and removable venturi sleeve sand boosters, and are rated from 750-to 1050 cfm. They are designed for oval track and drag racing as well as general performance applications. In this photo we can see the large capacity fuel bowls complete with sight glass for adjusting the float level. You can also see the sculpted air intake. Another thing about the float bowl is that they have a better fuel-flow passage than the other model.

Photo 12B shows the billet baseplate that is standard on all Demon Carbs. The other brand's is a cast piece. This thing is a work of art.

Photo 12C shows the billet aluminum metering block, while the other brand is still the cast style block. Besides having more accurate fuel metering passages, it is also 40 % lighter. This carb also comes with very detailed instructions that will allow anybody to tune this carb for your application. These carbs are available at most major high performance auto parts stores or directly through Demon at 706-864-4712. I suggest you talk to one of their specialist and pick the carb for your application. Thats what I did. The Race Demon sells for $700. Other carbs made by Demon are the Road Demon which is for the average street-performance enthusiast with 200-350 horsepower. It is rated at 625 cfm and has vacuum operated secondaries and boosters that are neither sensitive to altitude, nor weather changes. It also has good part-throttle driveabiltiy and fuel economy, it's priced around $300. Another carb that they make is called the Speed Demon. It is designed for the hot rodder with 350-600 horsepower and an eye to the street/strip scene The carbs are sized at 650, 750 and 850 cfm and are available in either vacuum-secondary, or twin squirter specifications. Speed Demons sell for around $400. The last carb made by Demon is the King Demon suits the Holley Dominator 4-bolt flange and is designed to work in conjunction with engines producing 650 horsepower and upwards. Its available with both immovable and removable venturi, features three-circuit billet metering blocks and adjustable air bleeds, emulsion bleeds and idle-feed restrictors. The King Demon will be offered initially in three sizes: 1075, 1175 and 1275 cfm.

Photo 12D shows the latest from Hard Blok , It's called Kooler Automatic Transmission Fluid, it is a high performance ATF specially formulated for racing and towing. Designed to provide proper lubrication at high pressures and temperatures in drag racing, continuos running as in circle track as well as tow rigs and motor homes. You can also use this in manual transmissions, which require ATF or 30 weight motor oils. Plus Kooler ATF blends with other ATF's. We'll be trying this in our black race car when the season opens in a few weeks.

Photo 12E Shows two important items for Oldsmobile owners on the left is a brass expansion plug kit for a 260, 350R, 400, and 455 engine. You want to use brass for superior corrosion protection, I know because one time, I didn't use brass, and sure enough, when did the frost plug decide to leak, at the race track. I just loosened the radiator cap for the rest of the event, but fixed it with Pioneer Brand Plugs. Part number is #830011. The other item is part #859000 and it is a magnetic oil drain plug. It's just cheap insurance. Install one at your next oil change.

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