If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport... Episode #13 - Olds T-Shirts, Starters, Goodridge, Tie Downs & Mr. Gasket
by Phil Veldheer

Photo 13A Shows the back (left) and the front (right) of my new Olds wheel standing T-shirts. They are only $15.00 and that includes a fast postal delivery. They are available in size XL only! Send check or money order to Phil Veldheer Racing, 62 West 40th St., Holland MI. 49423-5222. Thanks With each order I will include an autographed new mini-poster with all the companies listed that you will need to build one bad OLDS.

Photo 13B Shows the new Powermaster/Phil Veldheer designed Olds starter. I had Powermaster send me one of their starters and asked them to build one that the starter motor was closer to the engine block. They did, and then we built another one a little closer. And then we built one more that is PERFECT for your Oldsmobile. I now have Powermaster starters on all three race cars. With the other brands of "mini-high-performance" starters all of the electrical attachments are right next to or are TOUCHING the header. To make some brands work you have to dent in the header. With the new Powermaster, I can fit my big hand up between the starter and the header with a wrench a tighten the nut. THIS STARTER IS THE ONLY STARTER THAT IS GOING TO LAST IN YOUR OLDS. Plus after several rounds of racing it doesn't get a little slower because its to close to the header. Powermaster can be reached at 1800862RACE. Tell them you want the new design OLDS starter. Tell Kevin at Powermaster where you read about this, please.

Photo 13C shows the latest from Goodridge. I didn't like using regular wrenches on all of my aluminum fittings on my race cars so we opened our wallet and ordered the best available. Goodridge has a complete set Part # AW760 Set from size 04to -12

Photo 13D shows my old dual feed fuel line from a major mfg. and the new one available from GOODRIDGE. Talk about more fuel delivery. Part #100184 in bulk or packaged part #5103 This is the best around, I looked at all that was available and this took 1st prize. Also shown is Goodridges stainless steel lockwire. I use it on all my brake parts and I was using genuine bailing wire available from your hardware store, but it would always rust and wasn't as flexible as this genuine stuff. Its available in four sizes. Goodridge has locations in CA., Indy, and Mooresville, NC and they can be reached at 310-533-1924. Indy phone number is 317-244-1000. and Mooresville is 704-662-9095.

Photo 13E shows my new and improved twice as strong tie-downs. No more of this 5,000 pound tie downs, I called 1-800-TIEDOWN (PE Tie Downs) and got there new 10,000 pound rachet, 12,000 web tie downs. I purchased the #PE 20 in black. But you can also get them in red or yellow. This is the same company that I found my Gorilla Guard trailer locks. These tie downs also feature a twisted snap hook. Plus its made in the USA.

Photo 13 F shows the latest from Mr. Gasket Company. On the left is #5875 Ultra Seal Valve cover gaskets. These are the only ones to use. They are a little thicker and stronger so if you don't want oil leaking on you just JET-HOT coated headers, you'll buy these. They also have a steel core. Next is Mr. Gaskets new Copper Seal #7170 embossed O-ring design header gaskets. Next is Mr. Gaskets intake gasket set #404 this is the only intake set available if you are going to install an aftermarket intake manifold. Next is Accel's new 8.8 300plus race spark plug wires. We just switched our car to this brand as we didn't think the other major brand was getting the job done. We like the way these snap on to the spark plug much better. I was always afraid the other brand was going to come loose at the wrong time.

Photo 13G shows one of 2 of my instruction books I take to the races every week. You might think you know it all, but its good to be organized and have everything with you. I use 2"ring binders with indexes so I can find everything right away.

For technical specs on Phil's cars, check out his page in the 442.com Virtual Car Show.

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