If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport... Episode #14 - Morris Racing Engines-Dyno Olds 455
by Phil Veldheer

Photo 14A shows Steve Morris of Morris Racing Engines in Muskegon, MI. This photo shows the engine from my black car just before we started the engine for the first time. After making several runs on the dyno we proved we did know what we were doing after all these years. We've made what seems like 1000's of runs on our 455's over the last 13 years. The previous 19 years we ran Chevrolets. I do have ever time trial and every run logged in about 8 logbooks. First a little about Morris Racing Engines. I saw the advertisement in the back of the MARC TIMES, plus I heard good words about his work from other people. Steve has a new and spotless 5000 square foot facility a 5403 East Apple Ave. In Muskegon, Michigan. he can be reached at 616 788 5869 or you can see his web site at www.morrisracing.com Steve prides himself in building your engine for your needs, not he general populous. He will take your engine, use it as a base line and make any upgrade you want, or develop a whole new program.
At M.R.E. they have over 11 years of hands on engine building experience, including recently working in the engine development program of one of the top NHRA Pro Stock engine builders (before opening M.R.E.) his experience in marine,nitrous oxide (even in their parts truck), circle track,and drag racing will help put you in the winners circle. In circle track he sells a 355 IMCA/UMP/ICAR mod engine, he also sells a 406 late model, a 358 all aluminum dirt late model engine, or a 430 plus all aluminum late model engine.
At M.R.E. they have a very complete in house machine shop facility, including machines from Sunnen, Kwik-Way and Superflow. While we are talking Superflow, they have the model 1020 flow bench. M.R.E. can do welded raised port heads, altered valve location and all can be done with the utmost confidentiality. The dyno is capable of 2500 horsepower, and no my 455 didn't go over that. Steve can build the engine for you or he does lease it out for upgrade testing, tune up testing, or new engine testing. My engine was testing with a sweep test, we started at 3500 rpm and automatically it will raise 300 rpm every 1 second until you hit a predetermined RPM, then its back to an idle. Plus its pulling a full load on the engine. I thought it was going to twist off the motor mounts, but it held up an we are doing good with it so far this season. Before we did the sweep test, Steve had to break the new engine in and we had to build some engine temp, water temp and oil temp. Then we played with carbs and timing and my 38 degrees of total timing was right on the money.

Photo 14B shows Steve at the controls of his dyno. I use to think it was a waste of time and money, but not anymore. A good friend of mine, took his 460 roller Ford to Steve last year and Steve picked up an honest 40 horses and it was all in the carb and timing. Give Morris Racing Engines a call.

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