If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport... Episode #15 - Adding rear disk brakes to your car
by Phil Veldheer

This installation of rear disk brakes went a lot easier than I thought. Plus the rewards were great as the addition of the BAER brand of rear disk brakes made my 87 Olds 442 stop a lot safer after another 120 mile per hour sprint down the quarter mile. My car has always "fluttered" after hitting the brakes on the far end of the quarter mile and it was a hand full getting it stopped, but because of the loose from end and the four-link chassis, I always thought we'd just have to put up with it. I am always trying to improve my 4 race cars and I saw an advertisement for BAER disk brakes, I also saw other brands (2) advertised and talked to them also. All they knew was how to sell brakes, not what brake I would need in this particular application or what special things I might have to do while installing these brakes. After some size testing we finally settled on a particular part to fit my 12 bolt rear. Plus we had them remove the parking brake mechanism. Then we picked the slotted and drilled rear disk brake rotors.

We have to start with a before photo and Photo 15A shows the stock brakes.

Photo 15 B shows the custom 10 bolt-12 bolt bracket mounted to my 12 bolt, real simple.

Photo 15 C shows the custom installation kit which includes a braided stainless brake line hose, and all the mounting brackets to keep the line from touching anything that could damage the line. First class hardware.

Photo 15 D shows the completed installation from the rear. We did have to shave about 1/8" off the diameter of the axle flange to make the correct fit, but it was all in the instructions.

Photo 15 E shows the whole set up installed, all thats left is to bleed the brakes and they even give you a long clear hose to bleed the brakes neatly. If you need to talk to people who know brakes, call them at 602 233 1411 or check them out on line at www.baer.com They have everything you could possibly need for any brake updates on any kind of vehicle. At 100 miles per hour, BAER Brakes can typically take off 100 feet from your stoping distance. Call them

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