If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport... Episode #16 Jaz Products
by Phil Veldheer

I have been using several items from JAZ Products for years. They make the highest quality fuel cells for race cars around. That is a pretty bold statement. But if you buy a budget fuel cell and suddenly you discover that the foam in it has to be replaced then you'll know what I mean. JAZ uses MIL SPEC B-83054 aviation foam in all of there cells. We also have JAZ seats in our red car (poly) and in our yellow car (aluminum). We have been using there seat belts and fuel jugs for over 10 years also.

Photo 16A shows part # 720-000-01 an engine stand drip tray. Bolted to my engine stand is my next 455 Olds short block. I have paid as much as $75.00 for an engine but usually people just give them to me. I haven't got a chance to get this one apart yet, but I have $65.00 in this 455. Back to the drip tray. It really keeps things clean in the garage, plus whenever I am working on the brakes, rearend, or anything with a spray cleaner, I just put this underneath it and catch all the spray rather than make a mess on the floor.

Photo 16B shows two JAZ items, the funnel is there 14" triangular one(#550-014-06) with a built-in anti-splash ring around the top ring. The other item is a funnel filter (#550-000-01) that fits the funnel. It is a stainless steel filter element rated a 60 microns. It will funnel out drops of water. It fits tight with an o-ring. Photo 16C shows my favorite fuel jug. Yes it's a monster 15 gallon jug. When we go to the races with three (now 4) race cars, before we leave we try to have all the tanks full, plus each trailer have 2-5 gallon jugs full of TORCO Racing gas. However, sometimes that is not enough. So I picked up one of these just to make sure we didn't have to use some off-brand racing gas at some far a way race track. This jug is part #710-015-06

Photo 16D shows the best buy in seat belts today. Just your basic 3" wide shoulder and lap belts with a 2" wide submarine belt. They make them in roll cage mount, floor mount, wrap around, funny car style and sternum style. Plus in black, red or blue. They just sell them cheaper than just about anyone else. Call JAZ at 1-800-525-8133

Photo 16E shows one of my proudest moments in drag racing. This photo shows yours truly (the tall guy) receiving the "Best Engineered" race car award at the DRAG NEWS MAGAZINE ALL-STAR BRACKET CHAMPIONSHIPS. This is quite an honor. I am pictured here receiving my award clock from Laurie Silvey from DRAG NEWS MAGAZINE. The race was held at Mid-Michigan Motorplex in Stanton, Michigan. Next to me is my son-in-law Tom Tilton, he drives the black car, and then Jeff Robinson who drives my yellow car. This ranks up there with being inducted into US 131 Dragway's Hall of Fame in 1995. We have won best appearing race car (s) before and best appearing crew before. But this is the big one. Thanks to Todd and Laurie Silvey from DRAG NEWS MAGAZINE for picking my team. We have a lot of things planned for 442.com over the winter. We have one more week of action before we store them for the winter. Any questions please e-mail me.

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