If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport... Episode #18-Building the "Baddest Olds 455"
by Phil Veldheer

For a long time we've been happy with a "bad" Olds 455 Engine in our three Olds race cars. We decided after talking to several parts manufacturers at the PRI Show in Indy, that we would have to build the "baddest Olds 455" around. This article is going to be featuring just a few of the parts we've ordered. The Ross Racing Pistons just arrived yesterday, so I'll have to get a photo of their latest design piston for a 455 Olds. I sent Ross a copy of a set of pistons that they did before and there have been many improvements since then. They have a record of every piston they've every made, all they need is your order number and they can make up one or hundred more just like the first one.

The first photo #18A shows the best Oil pan on the market today for your Oldsmobile. Trust me, I have purchased EVERY brand of oil pan on the market and the Milodon #30300 is the BEST. This oil pan has a 9 1/4" sump depth and the pan capacity is 8 qts plus the filter. Milodon also makes a 8 1/4" depth pan that has a pan capacity of 7 qts plus the filter. The other item in the photo is #32245 windage tray. Again, I have purchased a lot of different windage trays and most required some sort of modification to fit correctly, this is perfect, plus the design is superior to anything I've seen. A louvered windage tray can add 12 to 15 horses to your engine. Plus You HAVE to have one anyway. We ran our engine on dyno at Morris Race Engines, without one and the oil wiped around so bad the oil pressure went down as the rpm's went up. So we added the windage tray and no problems with the oil pressure and more horsepower. Milodon can be reached at 818-407-1211

Photo #18B shows the Milodon #81217 windage tray installation kit. on the left and on the right is the Milodon #14000 Gear Drive Assembly. Milodon has been making these for over 25 years. This is a professional style three piece gear unit, unlike a four gear unit, it does not rob any power from the engine to run. The billet steel gears are mounted solidly to the block, and they will not and can not, allow the timing to vary, unlike a flexible belt or chain. These factors add up to increased horsepower and higher RPM potential. NO block machining is required. Hand tools are required to drill and tap some mounting holes which, with care, can be done at home. This will allow precise camshaft advance and retard using Milodon's adjustable bolt pattern cam gear and cam hub assembly.

Photo #18C shows part # 18410 oil pump pickup and #18865 Oil Pump. The oil pump pickup features a 3/4" O.D. bolt on style pickup tube. And the pump is the high volume pump. Also shown is a Milodon #11555 front main cap. Milodon main caps are precision machined from high strength ductile material which has the proper balance of strength yet is not too rigid to allow transfer of increased shock loads to the crank and bearings. Only .030" of material removal is required upon initial installation.

Photo #18D shows the "baddest" connecting rods for a 455 Olds engine. part # CRS673503D is made by Eagle Specialty Products in Memphis, Tenn. They can be reached at 901-345-5886. This is their "ESP" H-Beam connecting rod. Eagle is the first connecting rod company to machine on the state of the art Sunnen Krossgrinding system to hold extremely high tolerances. They have a weight savings, plus they are packaged in matched sets by weight. They are multistage heat treated. Shot peened to stress relieve the metal. They are ready to run, as installation and bolt lubricant is included. These are "bad".

Photo #18E shows the latest from Mr. Gasket. The intake gasket is #404, oil pan gasket set #490, the best valve cover gasket for all Oldsmobiles is next and that is #5875, and new is the #5788 Ultra Seal Head Gaskets. They will take a high-performance engine with a compression ratio up to 12 to 1. Plus they take temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees. They will not creep, cold-flow, become brittle or indent your heads or block. They are corrosion resistant, plus they don't need a gasket sealer. Plus there is no need for retorquing. They have a compression thickness of .038 . Also in the photo you can see the plug I use in all my race cars and that is the ACCEL #8170. They are just right for all performance Olds engines. I'll have more parts next month in our "baddest Olds 455" buildup.

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