If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport... Episode #19-PRI Show-2000-Indy
by Phil Veldheer

The 2000 PRI show in Indy was again the greatest show on earth. Well over 1000 booths and over 30,000 visitors it is a "must see" show every year. For me it is a chance to meet the actual person that grinds your camshaft, makes you're racing tire or comes up with a new gadget that you can't race without.

In photo 19A we see the latest to come out of Portland, Indiana's Moser Engineering. Owner Greg Moser has come up with the strongest 12 bolt housing made. The center is a newly cast nodular iron housing with 3 inch outer diameter tubing that's " thick. Greg stated, "These units are virtually indestructible." The units are available for early model Camaro, early and late model Chevelles, Oldsmobile Cutlasses, Monte Carlos and Buick Grand Nationals. Plus the latest one they manufacture is the 12 bolt that bolts right in to a late model Camaro or Firebird. Moser can be reached at www.moserenginneering.com or call them at 219-726-2060.

In photo 19B we see the latest three race tires to come from the Mickey Thompson Tire Company. They came out with three new ones at the show. On the left is their #3768 31/14.50 E.T. Street tire, in the center is their new 30 x 9 x 15 Radial Stock eliminator tire. Testing has shown this tire to be .04 to .1 quicker than the competition with future improvements expected. And the tire on the right is # 3069W a new 33 x 10.50 W a tire designed for the red-hot 10 " tire racing at the Muscle Car events. Mickey's can be found on the internet at www.mickeythompsontires.com

In photo 19C we see the latest from Mallory ignition a Division of Mr. Gasket. Mallory is the leader in competition ignitions and every year they are making more improvements to make their product the best. Here we see the latest Hyfire VI and Hyfire VIA ignitions. Mallory can be found on the internet at www.mrgasket.com

In photo 19D we see the latest rear end set up kit from the people at DTS. DTS has two locations to serve you, one in Wayland and one in Warren, MI. They can be reached at 1-800-521-0628 or on the web at www.drivetrainspecialists.com

In photo 19E we see all the people behind one of the best camshaft companies around, Bullet Racing Cams. On the left is John Partridge, center is Don Walthall and the right is Sonny Daniels. If you have ever had a custom camshaft ground or ever had to talk to a technical person at a major camshaft company, you've probably talked to one of these guys. They all have years of experience and they now have all joined up to form the newest camshaft company with probably the most experience around. You can give them a call at 901-795-4221. These guys are going to get you some horsepower if you're willing to make the call.

In photo 19F we see Jeff Percival, owner of Percy's High Performance Products. He is showing off his Digital Exhaust Temp Indicator. It is pretty inexpensive and you can get your engine dialed in a lot quicker. Just drill a hole in your header and install the thermocouple and you will see an instant response. You might want to dial in the exhaust temperature at 1350 degrees and if you see that it is running a little hotter, you'll know that the engine is lean and if it is running cooler, you know it is rich and then you could change the jets for more horsepower. Percy's website is at www.percyshp.com or they can be reached at 573-346-4409

In photo 19G we see the latest in oval track racing fuel tank technology. JAZ Products came out with a much safer and reliable fuel inlet for oval racers. They make a great product and they can be found on the web at www.jazproducts.com or call them for a catalog at 1-800-525-8133

In photo 19H we see the latest in Carburetors from JET Performance Products. The thing Jet Performance prides their selves in is that every carb is designed for your vehicle . They have every carb you'll need for any kind of racing or street. They are really a good company and you can read a lot more about them on the internet at www.jetchip.com Yes this is the same company that makes all the performance chips for your computer controlled vehicles. They can be reached by telephone at 717 848 5515

In photo 19i we see the HARD BLOK booth. It had to my highlight as my three OLDSMOBILES were the features cars in the booth. I have been using HARD BLOK since 1968 and all three Oldsmobile's have made several runs down the quarter mile back to back within .001 second. You get that by piston ring seal. Hard Blok is very inexpensive and well worth the time to install it in your race engine or your high performance street engine. HARD BLOK can be purchased in most speed shops or at 865-457-0509 They are a great company.

That's all for now, more information next month. I am sure you've heard by now that Kalamazoo's Jerry Arnold has won the NHRA Competition Eliminator World Championship for 2000. Jerry did great with his race cars and we are proud of him. He also does the cylinder heads on three of my five race cars.

I am sure you heard by now that Martin US 131 Dragway has been sold. I am looking forward to many improvements at the track and we'll see what happens. Take a look at my website if you have time, it is at www.fastpistons.com or email me at 455@i2k.com

Phil Veldheer Racing
Holland MI USA
78 Cutlass 10.39, 87 442 10.83-87, 442 11.68

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