If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport.
-Episode #3
by Phil Veldheer

In photo 3A you see master painter,Marty Hyson. He is the owner and operator of Shark's Custom and Collision in Holland, Michigan. Its just south of Holland on Blue Star Highway. Marty has painted and three of my Oldsmobile race cars and one of my Corvettes. Marty's paint jobs have won a lot of trophies for me. They are all lined up in his shop. The photo shows a bashful Marty without his typical white tyvek suit and face mask that he wears in the paint booth.

photo 3B shows the package we ordered from (Greg) Moser Engineering. Moser can be reached at 1-219-726-6689 or one of there bigger dealers is Nationwide. Ask for Jay and he will answer any rear end question anybody has. Jay can be reached at 1 800 471 9000. We wanted to keep the factory 10 bolt (8.5") GM rear end in the car. As I said before, this is a foot brake race car. We are running 10.5" wide M/T tires so we don't need a ford 9" rear end or a GM 12 bolt. The package we received from Moser includes the bulletproof axles, c-clip eliminator kit, spool and big wheel studs. Moser is the brand I use in my other two race cars, with axles in both cars and a Moser 9" modular Iron Case in the red car.

Moser is expanding there product line with custom driveshafts, rear end covers, motor oils and gear lubes and just added WIldwood disk brakes. photo 3C shows the outside of my TA rear end cover, they can be reached at 602-922-6807. They make covers for just about everything. Also shown is the stud kit and the heavy duty bolts for the cover. The cover prevents carrier bearing cap breakage while at the same time increases the strength of the whole rear end housing. This will always increase ring and pinion gear life.

photo 3D shows the inside of the TA cover. It makes sure the oil is directed in the correct areas.

photo 3E shows the rear end being set up by Jay at Nationwide. He ships all over the world. He is one of the best.

photo 3F shows the bottom of my intake. JET-HOT Coatings does all my stuff. I have used other brands, but believe me JET-HOT is the best, it lasts much longer. What you see on the bottom of my intake is a heat barrier, it keeps the carb, cooler, and it works.

photo 3G shows the top of my OFFY Intake. It is also JET-HOT Coated. Believe it or not it will look the same in three years. It is a ceramic coating that keeps heat out of the intake. It works.

photo 3H shows a lot of work. We've taken a set of Hooker Headers #3203. This is a new set of headers that HOOKER makes. It bolts right into your 78-87 cutlass with a 455 Olds engine. It is 1 7/8" x 31". We however, cut the collectors off and put on a set of HOOKER'S new Merged 12" collectors. It looks like the top of a cone when you look at the end. It eliminates sharp edges and reduces turbulance. They look and work great. My other two cars have 2" HOOKER HEADERS on them. I take the headers built for a 70 Cutlass 455- 2" size and spend about 5 hours modifing them to fit a 78-87 Cutlass. You have to use a remote oil filter when you do this. As you can see these are JET-HOT Coated also. They reduce underhood temperature greatly. You can touch these within five minutes after racing. They cool fast. They can be reached at 1-800-432-3379. Tell them I sent you. One last word about JET-HOT, the headers look just as nice inside as the outside. But that's just like a friend of mine who works burying cable, he says he does the best work in the state of Michigan, but nobody gets to see it. Thats it for this time.

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