If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport.
-Episode #6
by Phil Veldheer

I am happy to get all the questions that I've received, keep them coming. I've received a few questions about what we use on this car in the rear suspension area. Well, if we look at photo #6A we see CHASSIS ENGINEERING GM rear control arms. The uppers are part # 3552 and the lowers are part #3553. For any serious horsepower application on General Motors "G" body Grand Nationals, Monte Carlo's and mainly in this column, CUTLASS's these heavy duty upper and lower control arms will greatly improve traction and handling by eliminating flex common with factory stamped and rubber bushed control arms. These are made from heavy duty steel box tubing with hard urethane bushings that bolt right in place. Plus they powder coat them to make them chip resistant. Plus they bolt right in. All of the necessary hardware is included.

Photo #6B Shows that I a 9 cylinder Olds 455. No, its just that every time I order custom made pushrods, I order 2 extra. I use and recommend SMITH BROTHERS PUSHRODS. I have used them for many years and I have them in all three race cars and I have never had a failure. You can call the company and it never ceases to amaze me how fast they are. They have been in business since 1953. They make pushrods for ALL applications. >From Drag Racing to stock, marine, RV, motorcycle, antique, foreign, and industrial. From regular to hardened tempered chrome moly, light or thick wall. Ball/Ball and Ball/Cup designs. Special lengths and adjustables. If you have questions call 541 388 8188 or if you want to order call toll free at 1-800-367-1533. Please tell them I sent you. They are really nice people.

Photo #6C shows our custom made box that contains our PAINLESS WIRING #50201 In-dash panel 8 switch control panel. No our other cars don't have this, but we plan on switching them to this kind over the winter. The quality of the switches and everything else they make is the best. Not visible is the #50001 8 circuit race harness. It was designed to use with the control panel. It has a starter, lights, electric fuel pump (2), electric water pump, ignition, electric fan and accessory for trans brake, line lock, etc. We used our accessory for an overhead light for those late rounds at night. Painless wiring makes a lot of other neat items. as we installed there #50103 charging system shutdown relay on all three race cars. Some cars will continue to run when you turn off the master switch if your car is equipped with an alternator. This relay is installed between the alternator and the battery. When the master disconnect is switched off the relay is de-energized and stops the flow to the ignition. Instantly, it stops.

Photo #6D shows our K & N air filter. I have been using these for years also. When you race at a dusty drag strip you have to have one. Plus your tow vehicle deserves one too. The photo shows our drop base 14" filter with a 2 1/4" element. Our other two race cars have three inch element, however hood clearance was a problem with the new car. I'll have more photo's soon showing our cowl induction system that we made and have already tested. I'll let you know it's worth and honest .10 in the quarter mile. K & N is sold at all major speed shops or you can call them for tech service at 904-684-9762. They have a million mile warranty. If you can get your hands on to one of there 169 page catalogs, it is packed with info. They really flow a lot of air compared to what else is available. Also featured in photo 6D is some of our GOODRIDGE stainless braided hose and fittings. We got turned on to GOODRIDGE by looking in our CHASSIS ENGINEERING catalog. They have a quality item at a great price. Plus they have a few things that no one else makes. Our whole car was plumbed with GOODRIDGE. They are involved in F1 to INdy to NASCAR. They have everything you'll need even D.O.T. approved brake lines. They can be reached at 310-533-1924.

Photo 6E shows our AUTOMETER Ultra-Light gauges. The all aluminum gauges are almost 50% lighter. Even the knurled nuts to hold the gauge to the panel are aluminum. I really like the looks of the satin face and the red fluorescent pointers. We always use the mechanical gauges and like the In-Dash fuel pressure guages with isolator. Our five gauges that we use are oil pressure, water temp., trans temp., oil temp. and fuel pressure.

Photo #6F shows our AUTOMETER Ultra-Lite Pro-Comp 2 Tach. Its part number is #6856 it goes to 9000 rpm. This one is designed for serious racers. It has a dual range shift light that will provide you with instantaneous notice of two seperate shift points for shifting while the memory feature records peak rpm. It also comes in black. Next month we'll talk about dipsticks, driveshafts and windshields. And hopefully a winners circle photo. This past Saturday night at Martin U.S. 131 Dragway, the new car did take the track champion out (Ford) in the first round in front of a packed house.

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