If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport...episode # 8 -trailer, engine, carb, tow vehicle and car cover-stuff.
by Phil Veldheer

Photo 8A shows the Gorilla Guard. Its a trailer lock that offers maximum protection for unattended trailers. With three race cars and three race car trailers, we often leave them unattended at a sponsors location and hope that they are still there when we go to pick them up on the way to the races. The Gorilla Guard is very heavy with its cast construction. It looks to me as a bulletproof design, plus it didn't cost that much. Its made at Fulton Performance Products in Wisconsin at 715-693-1700. I got mine through P.E. Tie Downs at 1-800-TIE-DOWN. It slides over the trailer tongue and it works. It is available in 3 sizes, 1 7/8, 2 and 2 5/16 inch couplers.

NI also picked up another thing from Fulton, its pictured in photo 8B. Its called the Trailer Keeper. The thing makes it impossible to take your trailer, whether its for a race car, boat, camping, jet ski or snowmobile. One size fits all. All you have to do is bolt a bracket to your lug nut. I have everything on my trailers insured, and I still want all this protection. I have a lot of time in these racecars and trailers.

Photo 8 C shows Kevin Ten Brink fishing a wire through my mirror on my Ford Expedition. Photo 8D shows the final results. Its called signal mirrors and they are made by Muth Mirror Systems. I first saw them on another vehicle and said, "I have to get those". When your turn signal is activated a flashing arrow appears in the corresponding rear view mirror. To keep distractions to a minimum, the arrow cannot be seen by the driver. It is easily seen by the driver in your blind spot, however. In 97 they were standard equipment on the high-end Eddie Bauer Expeditions, I have an XLT so I wasn't offered them when I ordered the vehicle. However in the new 98's and 99's I think you can order them on any Expedition, plus many other makes and models. They make them to fit most vehicles and it takes about five hours to do install them. They do have places across America to install them for you also. You can call them in Wisconsin at 414-451-2000. These signal mirrors really work.

Photo 8E shows my SmartLiner. I looked at other Vehicle liners, but this one had the compartments built in on the side. Some have it built in the front also. The grocery bags fit in the compartments perfectly and won't tip over when you are doing high speed turns on the way back from the grocery store. Just kidding. It is custom molded to each application.

Photo 8F shows my Torke Tote, it is made and sold by JAZ Products It is designed to keep your torque convertor in a clean and drive environment. Each case has a built in nest that allows them to be stacked on top of each other. These cases are built strong enough to be used as shipping containers. I ship my convertor to Dynamic Convertors in Conn. to be rebuilt. JAZ Products can be reached at 1-800-525-8133 they are on sale for only $29.95 each. They also make one for cylinder heads and another one for crankshafts. They also manufacture and sell the highest quality racing fuel tanks.

Photo 8G shows yours truly in the latest Simpson Drag Racing Suits. It is SFI-5 rated. It is a two-layer jacket and pants made of 6.5 oz. Nomex and Nomex fleece on the inside. I also picked up a pair of Simpson Low Top Driving Shoes, besides being lines with Nomex, they are really comfortable. The shoe is made out of leather and it is crafted in the U.S.A. Simpson is the leader in Safety Products in the racing community. The shoes are a racer net at $114.95 while the pants are a racer net of $169.95 and the jacket is a racer net of $189.95. Simpson can be reached at 1-800-654-7223 on on the web at www.simpsonraceproducts.com

Photo 8H shows 16 Mondello Intake valves and 16 Mondello exhaust valves . When we installed the new Crane Cams Roller cam and roller lifters we needed the .100" longer Posi Flow Stainless Steel valves. They are available thru Joe Mondello at a lot better price than have them custom made. Also in the photo is the Mondello #JM 1160 Rocker arm stud girdle. It is a billet rocker arm stud girdle designed for serious racers. The kit comes with 2 aluminum girdle bars and 16 of 7/16" poly locks that fir most roller rocker arms. With this kit you eliminate high R.P.M. valve train rocker stud and push rod flexing.

Photo 8i shows the Crane Roller rockers installed underneath the Mondello Stud Girdle. It works, and you have to have it if you run a roller cam. Mondello can be reached at 1-805-237-8808. Tell big Joe you saw it in 442.com

photo 8J shows the gaskets we use exclusivley on all three Oldsmobile race cars and that is Fel-Pro. A little secret for the rear main seal, use the one for a 460 Ford engine it works the best. Photo8K shows the Crane Roller Cam and Roller lifters that we just installed in our red race car. It picked up the e.t. and m.p.h.. Plus you should hear this thing rumble at an idle. Crane has a new web site. They are at www.cranecams.com Crane has really come on strong in the last few years. There camshafts are winning over 35% of all NHRA major drag events, second place is at 25% while third place is around 11%. Plus they are really coming on strong with a lot of new igintion parts also.

Photo 8L shows the brass distributor gear that Crane Cam sells, its required if you run a roller camshaft. Photo8M shows the latest K & N air filter. I just installed this on my 97 Ford Expedition. It seems quicker. I know K & N works, I use K & N air filters on all three race cars also. They are washable and reusable. I will never have to buy another air filter for this vehicle again. Plus they are so easy to clean.

Photo 8 N shows the latest spare part kits that Holley has to offer the one or left is the tuning and calibration kit for a Holley double pumper. It contains a selection of main jets, pump nozzles and power valves, in popular sizes. All contained in a handy and durable, compartmentalized plastic case. It is ideal for track side tuning. Gaskets are also included to reassemble your Holley. The kit on the right is the Accelerator Pump tuning kit. It includes a selection of accelerator pump hardware components including pump diaphrams, pump nozzles, pump cams and related parts. It is also all contained in a nice plastic case. On the bottom is a set of Holley brand jet extentions, they work the best. Not pictured is my Holley Jet assortment Kit. It contains two of each of thirty six different get sizes, ranging from #64 to #99 jets. This is a very important thing to take to the strip or track.

Photo 8o shows my new Holley Carb Stor. This is a handy and durable carb carrying case. It is designed to hold and protect your carb during storage or transportation. As you can see it can even accommodate a dual feed fuel line. It is part # 36-176 unless you use a dominator then order a #36-177

Photo 8P shows my new WOLF brand car cover. It fits perfectly and this is the one that is made out of the new Evolution 4 material. It has four layers of protection. The rugged outer layer repels water, dirt and stains. Two middle layers provide a moisture-resistant barrier that is breathable. The bottom layer is extra soft to protect delicate finishes. The reason I like it is because dust can not get thru it. I have purchased some of the cheaper poly cotton or cotton covers before and when you peel it off your race car, you see a lot of dust on the car. NOT GOOD. Thats when I found out about the Evolution cover from WOLF. Now whne I take the cover off, the finish of the car is just like I left it, spotless. They can be reached at 1-800-444-WOLF. Make sure you tell them you saw it at 442.com thanks and thats all for now.

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