If it don't have wheel's, it ain't a sport...episode # 9 -carb video, Auto Meter, WaterWetter.
by Phil Veldheer

Although I don't have a photo to show you, I just finished watching a new video by Superior Automotive (714- 894-9711 or www.superiorautomotive.com) that is called "Rebuild your Holley Carb for optimium performance" It was only 29.95 plus shipping. It is a complete do it yourself video that shows you all the techniques the pros use. They also dyno a car with before and after results. And they have good results. They have 35 years experience. Its good.

The first photo shows the item that I saw every NASCAR Winston Cup team use in there radiators. It is made by Red Line Oil Company. It is a super coolant with a built in rust & corrosion inhibitor. We get garage passes to the Winston Cup Races at Michigan Speedway. On race day you can see all the teams pouring this stuff in there radiators, and that makes me want to investigate. I called the company and talked to the owner and he sent me enough information to read for the next two weeks. This stuff has many benefits, including, doubling the wetting ability of water, it improves heat transfer, reduces cylinder head temperature, reduces rust and corrosion. I could go on and on, but getting right down to it, it will usually drop your engine operating temperature by about 20 degrees. I was going to try it the last day of the drag racing season, Oct. 3, but that was rained out (first one of the season). So I am looking forward to do a back to back test. I'll let you know what happens. In fact, I'm planning on running one of my engines on Morris Racing Engines's dyno this winter, I just might try it there. (Check out his web site at www.morrisracingengines.com)

Next is the new Battery Extender by AutoMeter. With two batteries in each of the three race cars sitting all winter with no action, they don't last long. I am looking to a longer battery life as the batteries will be fully charged all winter long. Batteries not kept at a full charge become sulfated and then they fail. This thing will work on all starting and deep cycle batteries and even the new gel-cell batteries. Besides race cars, they will keep your computer going in your family car or truck, if you store that for any length of time. They send the charger with two different hookups, one with alligator clips and the other that installs permanantly with a plug to quickly plug in. The battery extender is available in either 12 volt or 12 & 16 volt. You can also visit Autometer on the web at www.autometer.com

And the other featured AutoMeter Product is there Pro-Comp 2 5" Monster Tach. It has an easy to read dial, plus it has a memory feature that allows you to easily recall your highest RPM with the recall switch on the tach face. They have them 0-9000 rpm and 0-11000 rpm and they make them to fit any type of ignition. They also make them to fit in-dash. The in-dash one goes from 0-10000 rpm. They are the leader in guages, plus they are always coming up with something new. I'll Be going to the Performance Racing Industry Show in the near future and next month I'll be back with all the latest for that hot Oldsmobile you're driving.

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