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Some unsolicited comments from people who have bought & sold items through 442.com ...

From: kblumer@troygould.com
Our 1970 442 Convertible (ad# 66444) was sold today at full asking price. ($40,000) Thank you as we had a lot of inquiries on the Car from this AD.

From: jcox1070#comcast.net
My 70 olds (48151) sold in less than 24 hours from posting for posted price! The guy that bought it doesnt even look at 442.com regularly. I got a ton of e-mails and calls otherwise.

From: Djraldr#aol.com
Please remove the ad. Sold in 2 days. This is the 3rd car sold on your sevice this year and all within 3days of posting.

From: dmp#pathwaynet.com
please mark the ad number 48572 sold a guy drove 14 hrs one way and bought it for full price without even driving it it was that nice of a car your web site is awesome for selling oldsmobiles and for buying to as i have done both , keep up the good work god bless.

From: Richs69olds442#aol.com
Please remove my add, after 5 days I sold my car on 442.com.

From: y2ken59#hotmail.com
I would like AD#47637 removed from the wanted classifieds. I would like to say thanks because it only took a couple of days to get the parts that I needed.

From: 4cranch#ev1.net
Hey there... Please mark my ad "SOLD." I was overwhelmed with the response. Best $10 ad I have EVER had.

From: hcatron#ameritech.net
We have sold our car on 442.com. Can you please mark it as SOLD! We found your service awesome and will use it again.

From: old440#hotmail.com
Please remove add #47629 It has produced results in one day.

From: DWDUCTAPE#aol.com

From: Bob442w30#aol.com
The W30 sold within hours of the ad appearing on 442.com. Thanks again for the great service and the best enthusiast site on the internet!

From: Brejchafamily#aol.com
I believe my add for the !971 SX conv, (the dark green one) is off know, but I did want to let you know that i sold it last night. Thanks for supporting us 442/cutlass lovers... Your sight generated more response than I could handle... thanks again

From: Rick.Nilson#appleton.org
Would you please remove the ad that I had placed for the 70 Pace car. The car sold on the first night that it was on your site. Thanks

From: jbritt67#mindspring.com
Please remove AD#47117 from Parts Wanted. I found the part I needed in just three days. Thanks for providing this great site for all us Olds fans.

From: starfire#wt.net
Once again your site comes through. I found the 87 442 I was looking for in less than 10 days by placing a Car Wanted ad. I received 5 responses in that time. Thanks again for this great service. As I no longer need it, please remove my ad number 47002. Thanks again

From: Duanhn#aol.com
Please remove my ad #46791 I sold my car in less than a week,I had so many responses I could not keep up with them.

From: zigg-442#rcn.com
Please remove or list as sold my ad #45858 Had deposit in three days thanks to your great site.

From: RGreen#cabq.gov
Please show my 1965 442 "car for sale" ad #45813 as SOLD. I had a deposit on the first day and 2 other buyers on a list by the second day! Thanks for this great service.

From: AllenP#MerchantTechnologies.com
As ususal, your site produced a quick response to my parts wanted ad. I found my part within two days. Please mark this ad closed. Thanks for the great help.

From: htm#thoroughbredcoal.com
Thanks for your help in selling my 66 442 convertible. It sold in 2 days. Please remove my ad #45862. Hugh

From: brittanyo#tsf.net
Once again, 442.com came through! Please remove ad 45707, I found a white 85 442Êin a matter of days, and am continually being barraged with email!! Thank you for providing this super service!

From: Djraldr#aol.com
Please mark this ad on 72 442 Conv sold. Sold in 2 days. This is the 4th car sold on your service. Thanks

From: klcaptiv#infi.net
Hello, Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that my ad can be removed. I had overwhelming response from the moment the site was updated, and found what I was looking for with the first e-mail. Thanks very much for this great service and keep up the good work. Thanks again for the great web page.

From: LWM725#aol.com
Please cancel my add I sold my car in three days thanks for a great web site

From: baldwins#jetlink.net
Please remove my ad #45431 from the list; the car has been sold. The response was terrific. The car was actually sold within 24 hours and I must have had a dozen calls and e-mails in that time. Your site is a great bargain.

From: JoeMcCallaIII#aol.com
Please remove the above referenced as I have purchased today the headlight bezels that I needed in only four (4) days. Once again, thanks to you, your efforts and this wonderful site. It is works in an incredible manner to match buyers with sellers without all the searching and miles to reach. It may not replace the swap meets, but I wonder.

From: jshearer#cfl.rr.com
Please mark sold on my ad as I have sold the car Thank you very much. 442.com sold my car!!

From: shortman34#home.com
Please cancel my ad as I have SOLD the car, my ad # is 44779, sorry I did not respond to your E- Mail from last week about adding the photo. I had already had so much interest that I thought I should wait a couple of days before I had you put the photo in, just in case I didn't need it. I have had over 500 hits to my web site since last Wednesday! Can't say enough good things about your web site, pay pal got my money today.

From: v3cutlass#yahoo.com
Please remove ad # 44054 from the wanted parts section. I could not beleive the response I recieved. I found the part I needed. Thank you 442.com and all those who replied. Keep those rockets a fly'n.

From: motrhd67#aol.com
Hi Bryceman please place a SOLD tag on my ad for the few days it has left the car actually sold for more than what i was asking. my payment will be forthcoming.

From: welshjj#pweh.com
My cars you placed in add numbers 42432 and 42433 have both sold, I thanks you for your help with these sales. You can remove them or mark as sold if its not too much trouble. As always I appreciate the work you do for Olds owners everywhere, I have told my comrades in the New England Olds Club how much help you were in this and several other adds so hopefully more of them will check out your site, thanks again.

From: lpatton#nisource.com
Please remove my Parts Wanted add #42699. I had several immediate responses, and will be able to obtain the parts I was looking for. In addition, I received several informative tips that were greatly appreciated. Your web site is a wonderful help in locating items. It sure beats trying to locate manufacturers and expensive parts stores for hard to find pieces.

From: djraldr#bellsouth.net
Please cancel the ad as car sold to 2 people. Check for payment of ad is in the mail. Also got response to parts wanted ad. Never put ad in that didn't get immediate results. Thanks

From: BOBW31#aol.com
Please cancel my ad for the '68 442 W30. Car has been sold. Thanks for your help, I got a lot of responses from 442.com. Best regards

From: trsolds68#mediaone.net
Hi, Once again this is a great site to sell oldsmobiles, buy and such! My car sold in 1 day, my ad number is 42652. Thanks again.

From: jdiamond#microesys.com
Last month I place a "Car Wanted" ad on your site (#42100) and within one week received numerous replies to my request. I had an intensive country wide search ongoing for a 1970 442 convertible but it was the ad on 442.com that resulted in my finding the car of my dreams. Thanks for the help.

From: J70442#aol.com
Bryceman, Please move my ad # 42564 (1971 w30 clone). To the sold section of - classifieds. The first caller bought the car.........He called about 3 hours after you posted my ad, TALK ABOUT RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thanks again for all your help. P.S. last april I purchased a 1970 442 Indy Pace Car, That was also advertised on the site

From: eichholz#netnitco.net
Hi! Thanks for running my ad-1967 442. A guy came today and bought it.I couldn't have done it without you!!!

From: david#organpower.com
Hi, I have sold my 68 442 convertible, thanks to your ad! What a great response I got from it. I was literally deluged with calls and emails. Could you please discontinue the ad? Thanks a lot!

From: gda21#netscape.net
Anyways, ads were an overwhelming success and I was relieved of the car less than 6 hours after the posting. I appreciate the help. Could you please remove the aforementioned ads as my mailbox is filling up every day.

From: robertcs68#home.com
Please remove my add ASAP, AD#41482. It was the add at 442.com that sold the car. I had 3 different adds at 3 websites. But I verified that it was your site that sold it.

From: basbizz#hotmail.com
Dear Bryceman!!!
Posted an ad on the 25th, got 15 messages back within three days! I got what I wanted. You are wonderful! Keep up the good work. Bas van Werven, Netherlands, Europe

From: Hmmrhed1#aol.com
Please remove my Ad for a 72 Convertible decklid. I have looked on and off for years for one. I received at least a dozen responses within days of placing my add. If I look for any additional parts in the future, I'll be sure to use 442.com! Thanks.

From: Vic Hello,Please remove ad #39937,1972 442,The car has been sold thanks to your great web site!!!Keep up the good work!! Thanks

From: weesjg#home.com
Well, another happy customer! Please remove ad #39735 as it has successfully served its purpose. I am now the proud owner of a 71 4spd 442 convertible. Great Car, great service you provide.

From: Gates455cutlass#aol.com
Thanks so much for the website. Both cars that I had for sale (ad #39669 and 39670) were both sold with tremendous success. It's great to have such a cool site for olds enthusiests. Again thanks for a great website. it is A1 in my book.

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