From July '95 Car Craft. "Rocket Attack" Joe Mondello recommends these components when building a strong-running street 455 Olds engine.


      THE BEST                          WHAT                                   WHY
AFTERMARKET CAMSHAFT         JM-20-22 with automatic trans         More lift with less duration
                             (266/274deg advertised duration,      delivers superior driveability
                             0.496/0.512 inch lift, 112deg lobe    and more performance over the
                             centers); JM-22-25-10 with manual     now-obsolete factory W-series
                             trans (274/280deg advertised          grinds
                             duration, 0.512/0.523 inch lift,
                             110deg lobe centers)

AFTERMARKET HEADERS          Hooker Headers                        Hooker is redesigning its 1 3/4
                                                                   inch and smaller collector
                                                                   flange openings to equal the
                                                                   big block Olds' port exit size
                                                                   (larger flanges are already the
                                                                   right size)

AFTERMARKET INTAKE MANIFOLD  Edelbrock Performer 455 Olds          Good through 6000 rpm; no
                                                                   Performer RPM is available
                                                                   for the big-block Olds

BLOCK                        '67-'71 425/455 (ident. F,F1,F2,F3    Thicker cylinder walls permit
                              or F4)                               0.100-0.110 inch overbore (up
                                                                   to .0125 with sonic check)
                                                                   other blocks can only go 0.060

CARBURETOR                    Reworked stock Q-jet, Edelbrock      Q-jet is hard to beat for
                              850cfm or Holley 0-4781 850cfm       street economy, but Holley
                              double-pumper (manual trans), or     delivers more top-end power
                              0-3418 855cfm vacuum secondary
                              (auto trans)

CONNECTING ROD                Any big-block Olds rod                All big-block rods are forged
                                                                    and can do the job if
                                                                    properly prepped and fitted
                                                                    with ARP bolts

CRANKSHAFT                    '68 Toronado 455 forged steel         Virtually unbreakable, but
                                                                    rare; high nodular iron cranks
                                                                    (look for large "N" on #1
                                                                    counterweight) are a good
                                                                    second choice

CYLINDER HEAD                 '65-'69 400/425/455 (ident.A,B orC)   A,B or C heads treated only to
                                                                    a 3-angle valve job will
                                                                    outflow later street/strip
                                                                    ported G,J or K heads; however
                                                                    hardened exhaust valve seat
                                                                    inserts for unleaded gas
                                                                    compatibility must be added

FACTORY CAMSHAFT               W31 with automatic trans (308deg     Best street cams in their day
                               advertised duration, 0.472 inch      but now obsolete
                               lift); W30 with manual trans (328deg
                               advertised duration, 0.472" lift)

FACTORY EXHAUST MANIFOLD       '68-'76 442/W30, '69-'71 455         Has full divider between
                               station wagon (ident. W,X,Y or Z     center exhaust ports, is
                               near head pipe connection)           smoothly swept back to rear

FACTORY INTAKE MANIFOLD        Any non-EGR iron or aluminum         EGR intakes are more
                               4-barrel intake                      restrictive. All pre-EGR
                                                                    intakes flow about the same.
                                                                    The '70 aluminum W30 intake is
                                                                    a duplicate of the '70 iron

IGNITION SYSTEM                Resurved HEI triggered by MSD-6      As reliable as you can get

OIL PAN                        Toronado                             Holds 5 quarts (6 with filter)
                                                                    1 more quart than other
                                                                    stock pans & Fits most chassis

PISTON                         TRW L2323F or Speed-Pro 2278P        Can machine dish to yield a
                                                                    variety of compression ratios