Bill Rank's '62 Super 88

This car had 62,590 original miles when I bought it in the summer of 1994 at a car swap meet in Ellsworth Wisconsin. It is a California rust free original with a 394/4BBL/Automatic that eventually made it's way to Northern Wisconsin.
The car appears to have been first purchased from Murphy Oldsmobile in Los Angeles California (still had the script on the trunk!). When I bought it, the car was in desperate need of a paint job as the original paint (Wedgewood Mist) was severely faded. The headliner was in complete disarray.
I have since repainted the car the original color and replaced the headliner. The car came with optional power windows. The rest of the interior is really good which is surprising after almost 40 years! The chrome and stainless were simply polished up! I've added the optional 3 Bar Spinners (color matched to the car) and a clock from a Starfire with a quartz conversion added to it. Other than that the car is original.

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