I purchased my 1954 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Deluxe Holiday Hardtop Coupe during Thanksgiving week 1994 from a nice guy out in Bolton, MA who had done some restoration work on the body... I am sure it will need more. The engine in this car was completely hosed when I bought it, although running pretty reliably with busted rings (0 compression cylinder 5) and cracks at the valve seats on both heads!!! It beat out my Acura one winter morning in January 1995 by starting for the trip to work when the Acura wouldn't!

This car has already become a part of the Boston area blues scene as the mascot car for my band "The Movers". I play the trumpet. We are the 1995 winners of the Boston Battle of the Blues Bands, went down to Memphis, TN last October to win the National Blues Foundation competition!

On February 25, 1995 I began, with the help of my friend Roy Correnti, to take apart the engine. This happened to be exactly thirteen days after the car participated in the funeral procession for "Earring" George Mayweather, a loved and now sorely missed local area blues singer/harmonica player. He has a great CD on Tone Cool Records, called "Whup It, Whup It!", by the way.

We are planning on using the car for the album cover of our new CD release for "The Movers" this spring. You can check out our website at http://www.bluesmovers.com if you want to learn more about the band and our performance schedule.

The engine came out of the car and went to the grinders in March, 1995. I got it back in August, but could not begin the re-assembly until October due to work obligations. The machinists who did the work on this car are "Perfect Grinding" 167-169 Broadway, Everett, MA Their phone number is (617)389-1044. They did an absolutely fabulous job! This motor doesn't even wiggle when its idling.... and quiet? WOW! The heads have been replaced and all valve seats hardened, along with all bearings, pistons, lifters, etc etc.

Got back on the road October 30, 1995 (day before Halloween)...

Have been driving it to gigs and trying to park out front of the clubs we play at.

I will have lots of more work to do, of course.... Springs, kingpins, body repair, paint, re-stitch interior (all there though), carb, etc, etc...

Massachussetts BLUES, The Spirit of America!

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