Bob Campbell's 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Coupe

My 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Coupe (AKA Sherman) was born at the Kansas City assembly plant. He was first sold on July 8, 1954 from Vidmar- Mathis Motor Co. in Pueblo, Colorado.

Fast forward to December, 1993. As I was scanning the classic car section in the local newspaper, I came across an ad for a 1954 Olds that was in my neighborhood. The ad had been in the paper for a week, so I figured the car must be a junker. Having nothing better to do, I called to see if the car had been sold. I was casually interested because I obtained my first drivers license in my dad's 1954 Olds many years ago.
Upon learning that the car was still available, I decided to go have a look. After making the 5 minute drive, I met the fellow that was selling it. He informed me that I was the first person to look at it, in that the newspaper had printed the wrong phone number in his ad the previous week. He took me to the building where the car was stored. As I approached the car from the rear, I noticed it was Capri Blue and Polar White. I was starting to feel in trouble because the '55 Olds I had in college was close to the same color. As I slowly walked around to the side I was hoping for a four door sedan. Then I wouldn't have to buy it. But alas, it was a two door hardtop! I thought, oh my gosh, a Holiday. I can't let this one get away!

The body looked straight and rust free and the paint was nice, but the bumpers needed rechromed. The interior wasn't bad but needed some attention. It had a set of new, cheap seat covers , and a nice new carpet on the floor. The paint on the dash was peeling and the head liner was very dirty. I asked to go for a test drive and the owner tossed me the keys and told me to take it for a spin. The engine fired right up but clouds of smoke rolled out of the road draft tube from under the engine. I drove it around for about 20 minutes and it drove pretty well. Just a bit of play in the steering box and some bad tires as well as the smoke was all I could really find wrong.
I bargained $500. off the asking price and bought the Olds. Since then Sherman has gotten a complete engine rebuild, new chrome, new interior, new tires, electric windshield wipers, and too many other smaller things to mention. I do all of my own mechanical work myself. Sherman has many accessories and is a great car to own. You may see Sherman on the road this summer as we make the trip from Colorado to Oldsmobile's 100th Anniversary in Lansing, MI this August.

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