Ed & Joyce Burke's '58 88

I belong to the OCA & NOAC and was looking for a 57 98 hdtp. A friend who knew I was looking for a 57 called and told me about this 58 88 that was for sale were he lived 250 miles away. It had boxes of new parts and a parts car with it. I called the owner and he told me it had 72,000 original miles and he started to restore it after owning it and driving it for about 25 years. He didn't tell me it was a basket case. My wife and I decided to drive up on the weekend to take a look. After lunch & dinner with a couple of the nicest people I have met in a long time he decided that I was a certified OLDS nut and being ensured his family baby was in good hands we ageeed on a price that was a lot less than he was asking for it. This is what I brought home on the trailer in April 1993.

This is what I have now after 2 years of a lot of hard work and perseverance. I have a car that has won a first place at the NOAC nationals at Prescott, Az. in 1995 and has been bestowed many firsts and seconds since then. I also have to add that my wife did not complain about the 4 hours every night and 12 hours every Sat. & Sun. that I spent on the car tryng to get it done. She figured she would have some fun when it was done, and we do. I also own 4 other oldsmobiles 58 88 2dr hdtp, 58 98 4dr sedan, 58 88 4dr hdtp and a 82 delta 88 4dr sedan with less than 90,000 miles.

Ed & Joyce's Email: theburkes@ccis.com