Bob Campbell's '57 Super 88

As I was driving home I spotted this beautiful 1957 Olds S-88 Holiday Coupe sitting in a yard, glowing like a ruby in the sun. It really caught my eye. I hurried home to get my camera as I had to have a picture of this beauty for my Olds album. I took a couple of shots and went back home. The car was for sale and it was eating at me all night long. I went back the next day to take another look, and I ended up buying it. The seller was building a garage and needed the money. As you can see it is a mild '60's custom style with '96 Cad pearl red / diamond white pearl paint. The new interior is gray and silver. The wheels are Boyd's. The body and bumper chrome has all been re-done, as have the engine and jetAway trans as well. I am rebuilding a J-2 tri-carb set up for it now. The car was done this way about a year ago in West Texas. It now resides in Colorado.

I have all of the original chrome for it as well as the stock wheels and tires. I love stock bodied cars a lot too and am having an internal battle as if I should put the stock chrome and wheels back on, or leave it this way. I would welcome your opinon as to which way I should go.

This photo was taken in June at the Rocky Mountain Olds Club Show & Shine '98. The blue / white '54 S-88 Holiday Coupe in the back ground is also mine. You can scroll back a little and see it too on this site. All I need now is a bigger garage!

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