Bob Campbell's '61 98 HC

Allow me to introduce Megan, Sherman's significant other! Sherman is my 1954 S-88 also featured on this site. I have named my two Oldsmobiles after the cartoon sharks in the comics.

Megan is my beautiful 1961 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Holiday Coupe. I aquired her in November of 1998. A good friend wanted my 1957 S-88 very much, and was the owner of the '61 at that time. He is a first rate auto bodyman. He purchased the car and restored her to make the trip in '97 to the Olds 100th celebration. He drove the car to Lansing, and on to Canada on the return trip home. She ran flawlessly.

He made me an offer I couldn't refuse on the '57, which included the '61 in the deal. I have fallen in love with this beautiful Oldsmobile! I have done several minor things to further upgrade her condition, keeping in mind a collector car is never finished! She runs and drives great with lots of power and ease of handling. This is a top of the line Oldsmobile for 1961. Note the taller, squared off roof line, and the huge rear window. This car shares the greenhouse with the 1961Cadillac and big Buick.

The paint is 1996 GM Bright Teal, much like the stock '61 color. The three-tone green interior is beautifully redone with exception of the door and rear panels which are mint originals. Under the hood is as clean as a pin. The red Ultra High Compression Sky Rocket 394 cubic inch engine sports the factory chrome rocker covers and air cleaner. The 29 cubic foot trunk is fully carpeted in gray. I have entered Megan in two car shows this summer and have trophied both times. The first show in Canon City, CO was a 600 car show and Megan won second in the '60's decade, by popular vote. There was a LOT of serious iron in that class! The "trophy" was a very nice jacket that I proudly wear! Imagine, something useful!

The second show was our RMOC OCA chapter Show & Shine where she won a first place for the '60's class. I really never expected to win either one, but Megan is a real crowd pleaser! You don't see many '61 Ninety Eight Holiday Coupes because the production number is rather low. Here are some of Megan's specs: Base price - $4,083.00, Production - 4,445units, Engine - 394, HP - 325, Torque - 435 ft. lbs., Trans. - Roto Hydramatic 4 stage, Diff. - 3.23 Posi, Length - 18'2", Width - 77.5", Wheel Base - 126.3", Weight - 4,156, Preferred catch - Tuna! :o) Sherman, my '54 S-88 is my old car, and Megan, my '61 Ninety~Eight is my pretty car. I love them both. Thank you for allowing me to show you my two "pets" in Bryceman's Virtual Car Show! Bob Campbell E-mail welcome

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