Lloyd Culp's '62 Jetfire

I purchased it from the 2nd owner in 1975. It had been given to this 14 yer old for use as a driver's ed car out in the family cotton fields. It had brake troubles & had sat in said cotton field for the previous two winters. I purchased it from the now 16 year old for $75.

It needed paint very badly as the sun had taken all of it off on every horizontal surface. The only paint still on the car was down the lower 2/3 of the doors & fenders. The color was a medium metallic blue with a two-toned blue interior.

I got the car home and the brakes fixed. The turbo main bushing and seal was shot causing it to suck oil very badly even though it had only 50,000 miles on it. I was five years learning how to fix that thing and ran a 4-barrel carb until I got the thing ironed out.

It is now a silver color with black vinyl roof and charcoal and silver interior. It was painted this color to hide the multitude of chrome and aluminum all over the car. I just couldn't stand the blue although if it had been in good shape I might like it today.

The car is superbly equipped with power steering, automatic transmission floor shift, power brakes, power windows, power bucket seat, power trunk release, rear defrost, reverb AM radio, power antenna, rear speaker, remote controlled mirror, and air conditioning.

Of course, the car featured a turbocharged methanol/water injected 215 cid aluminum V8 with 215 HP. 3765 were built in a few months in the spring of 1962. Few seem to have survived severe abuse and teething problems as the first turbo-charged V8 production car.

Lloyd's Email: bculp@hiwaay.net