Steve & Denise Haerr's 1955 Olds 98

The episode with old cars began a few years ago when Denise got tired of doing the mom thing (driving a minivan...) and wanted some "cool old banana boat" to go to the soccer games and karate lessons in.
We had been looking for a suitable car for some time on and off. This summer while we were touring around northern California in our motorhome on our summer vacation we actually got lost looking for one of our tourist stops. Out in front of a 100 year old farm house in Fairfield, CA was our car.
It was owned by the second owner. The first had parked it under a tree for about 15 years and let it get grungy. However, they did keep the windows closed and the interior was still in pretty good usable original condition. The second owner saw it and offered some measily sum for it and towed it away. It required a tune up and new battery!
After about a year and a half, they had painted it back to the original red/white colors when we found it.
The car purrs like a kitten when you start it. It drips a little out of the rear main, but otherwise requires little in the name of maintenance. We intend to keep it in the state of "suspended decay" that we found it for the time being. "Why fix what isn't broken."
As you can see from our photo, the car looks great and draws attention wherever we go in it. We live in Temecula, CA and have an annual "Rod-Run" that we are likely to participate in this year with "Red".
So far the car has been an absolute joy. And I'm sure it will not be the only old American that we'll own.

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