Michael Hulben's '58 88

Michael and Stephanie Hulben... My father and I are both OCA members and love owning and working on Oldsmobiles. But this car is our favorite. This car is my father's dream. Her name is Heather and she is his favorite girl after my mother/his wife, Melody. He adores working on it, playing with it, and especially driving it. My sister found it across the street from our high school six years ago. We bought it and have been enjoying it ever since. We only had to do a few things to it since we bought it; it was nearly in perfect unrestored, showable condition. The paint job is original, the interior is original, even the trunk's interior is original. We think the engine was painted, but we're not certain. The front passenger side fender had a small rusted through spot near the front, so we found a better one in a junk yard in Texas and had it shipped up. We also had power steering installed, which required a new steering column, both pump and column were also from the junk yard in Texas. A little bit of alignment, and she was on the road and riding like a dream. Every person who has had their hands or eyes on this vehicle has gone away smiling.

Summer of '97, we took her to the OCA meeting in Tinley Park, Illinois, near our home town of Oak Forest. We had not registered, and weren't part of the caravan, but we were members and wanted to check out the cars and be part of the celebration. They just waved us right in, no questions asked. I guess they figured they wanted her there as much as we wanted to be there. We also have a '58 Super Eighty-Eight, and a '58 parts car, as well as my baby and project, a '72 Cutlass. But that's another story, hopefully to be told once I finish restoring her.

Email: shulben@monm.edu