1961 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday (hardtop) Sedan. I purchased this car when my kids came along, and my '69 Cutlass 'S' convertible was no longer practical (still kicking myself in the rear for that decision).

The car looked brand new, and had only 44K on the odometer. I checked the car's history and found that number to be correct. The car spent some years on the showroom floor of a Dallas Olds dealer (as "your fathers Oldsmobile") before the dealer changed hands and it was sold. The engine is a 394 cid putting out 325 horsepower, and has the (in)famous 'slim jim' transmission featuring "superdrive" (it stays in second until 84 mph, then shifts into third!).

It has factory A/C, which still works when the hoses aren't leaking :) It also has the Oldsmobile vanity mirror, am radio, remote trunk release, and the heavy, but practicle swivel map/dome light. I'm getting it ready now for a cross-country vacation I'm planning in August, covering Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. It still runs and drives like a new car, albeit a 1961 model :) Along with the car, I also got the orignal owners manual, factory manual and sales brouchure.

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