Duane Ambroz's 1970 Cutlass Supreme Convertible

I purchased this 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible in March of 1997. When I found it, it was about 90% original, and it showed it: carpet worn to the backing, towels taped over the vinyl seats, and a top in a condition I describe as "ragged glory."

When I bought it, the only things aside from the tune-up parts that weren't original to the car were the alternator, voltage regulator, battery cables, SS III wheels, Superlift air shocks, and 442 rear bumper and dual exhaust. But all the options added after manufacture were Oldsmobile authentic. The drive train is all original, and the body has a minimal dent in the right rear quarter and a small rust hole in the right front fender dogleg.

The car was manufactured at the Linden NJ plant on November 14, 1969. It was sold at King Oldsmobile of Freehold, NJ. The first owner, from what I can tell, had the car for about 10 years. It was then sold to an owner in Phoenix, AZ, where it resided for another 16 years before it came to me, and it can now be seen roaming the streets of Chicago on especially nice days between April and October.

The car has the L74 high compression engine standard to Cutlass Supremes of 1970. It has a Hydramatic 350 automatic transmission, the original 2.56 rear end differential. It is light on options, with the primary one being the all original factory air conditioning, which still puts out 30 degrees at the ducts, and of course options that were normally found on Cutlass Supremes such as disc brakes, foam cushioned front seats, and variable power steering.

Last summer was spent on interior restoration. The car now has new seat covers, an all new top, new carpeting, and (after quite a search) original rubber floor mats. The only modification that I have done is to put an AM/FM mono radio. I was going nuts listening to Rush Limbaugh and Paul Harvey.

This summer I plan on restoring under the hood, which won't be terribly difficult. The only things that need replacing under there are the battery cables and the cowl screen. At the end of summer, I plan on having the car repainted (original azure blue of course), and I expect to have the car back to its original splendor in time for its 30th birthday. I expect the car to be about 90% original, NOS, or authentic reproduction parts when completed. Look for it at shows in Illinios starting in 1999.

I invite anyone with questions regarding Cutlass automobiles from this vintage to e-mail me at Kabootski@aol.com. I can't tell you much about engine specs and other technical info, but I have a bit of knowledge about originality for cars of the '68-'72 vintage and will be more than happy to answer if I can.

Duane's Email: Kabootski@aol.com