Tandy Arrant's '70 Cutlass S

This is my 1970 Cutlass S Holiday Coupe. I have owned the car for over 3 years and have fun fixing it up. The car was originally from Nashville Tn. The car was special ordered by Joe T Willis of Madison TN. He drove the car until 1976 when he sold it to his friend Earl Simmons who let his son drive it. Earl sold the car to Gene Pike who let his son drive the car. The transmisson went out of the car and and it wound up sitting on blocks in his barn. The next owner of the car was Ron Parish of Lubbock TX. He had gone to high school with both Earl's and Gene's sons and had always wanted the car. He returned to Tennessee to attend his high school reuion and saw the car and bought it on the spot. He brought the car back to Lubbock and started to restore it. However, he soon ran short of money and had to sell the car.

David Brenholtz of Lubbock was the next owner. He kept the car for about six years and then sold it to me. I have talked to the original owner and he documents the complete history of the car. I have the original bill of sale and window sticker. I have plans to rebuild the motor and repaint sometime in the near future. Tandy Arrant of Amarillo TX.

Tandy's Email: catandy@arn.net