Steve Blakey's '69 442 Convertible

This is the first car I ever purchased. Bought from a classmate of mine during the summer before our senior year, the Olds became my daily driver in 1977 for the (then) enormous sum of $1100.
Itās your standard issue '69 Olds 442 convertible with a 400 big block (with quadrajet), four-speed shift and dual exhaust. Over the years Iāve managed to restore it back to near original condition.

The only options added to the car are disc brakes and an aftermarket stereo (you gotta have tunes). During our college days, I taught my wife (then girlfriend) how to drive a 4-speed with it. Thankfully so, because when we were first married (and dirt poor) I was resigned to sell it & she replied No! If you do you'll hate me and yourself for the rest of your life! Weāve kept it ever since and she now serves as my company car for our advertising business BB Design. It makes a great ride for taking clients to lunch! Needless to say it's a blast to drive and turns many heads.

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