Bob Blanchard's '66 Vista Cruiser

Its not the prettiest car here (or the newest). I picked it up for $500 in feb 1998 with 190,000 miles on it and I am the 3rd owner of the car. It was built in june 1966 at the oshawa Ontario plant in Canada, so I guess I drive an Import.

The car hass a 2 barrel 330 cid engine and a 2 speed Jetaway tranny and a 3.08 rear end. The one problem I have with this car is it is FAST. I don't mean quick like a 442, I mean fast. This car will slowly creep to 90-100mph without the driver really noticing.

I started its resoration brakes (boring). So far i have replaced the "press-on" type front drums with the standard type that are east to work on. eventually the car will be Electric blue and silver. Some have suggested that I put a sun-roof that opens in the car, but I don't think a Vista Cruiser needs anymore glass :)

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