Ron Bodner's '67 442 Post Coupe

Here is my 1967 Olds 442 Post coupe. I bought this car in 1997. It was 95% restored in 1992 and almost never driven! The previous owner had swapped the 400 block for a 455 but the car had "no guts" due to poor rebuild so I started over from scratch using another 455 block from a '70 442 (verified numbers!).
The engine was built largely to Mondello specs. and sports a lot of his parts. The "E" heads are pocket ported and polished, put on a custom flowed (916 cfm) Holly carb., Crower (.502 lift) cam, Edlebrock Torquer single plane manifold, all Accel ignition on HEI custom curved, Holly electric fuel pump, ARP studs and rod bolts, forged pistons (9.5: 1) in 30 over block, fully balanced, Miloden 8 qt.oil pan, Thorley headers to 2 1/2" exhaust with Flo-Pro mufflers. Trans is a Turbo 400 with Hurst Shift Kit, B&M pan, Hurst line locks, Permacool trans cooler and contolled with Hurst Dual Gate II shifter. Currently running Stange 4:11 posi. axle hooked to BF Goodrich 275/60-15" Drag Radials on Centreline convo. pro rims, Air Lift coil bags, trunk mounted HD battery.
Car has not been run at the track due to late completion this season, but expect mid. 12 sec 1/4 times. Don't want to put in roll cage and spoil this beautiful classic so kept it "reasonable" and "streetable". Looks good, goes good and sounds good (Denon 200 watt custom sound system)!

Ron Bodner's '67 Vista Cruiser

I found this metallic maroon 1967 Vista Cruiser Custom wagon last year. It was stored in a garage nearby and was surprised that it was a "one owner", 72,000 mile original!
The owner, whom I knew slightly had put a new motor in the vehicle in 1977, replacing the hi-comp. 330, 4bbl. with a 350 from a '76. The swap was done poorly and it leaked oil and didn't perform as well, so he parked it in the garage, bought a new vehicle and I found it 20 years later!
It has some minor paint scratches and dents but no rust and the front seat needs repair, but is otherwise "mint"! The picture tells, all, just polished and touched up! I will paint it next year and put in the "reworked" 455 block that I removed from my 67 post coupe. I intend to use the wagon to tow my coupe to the drag races and car shows both in Canada and the US, as I just retired and this is what I want to do with my time!

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