Tony Bonafide's '69 442 W-30 Convertible

400 CID - 360 HP, 4 spd M-21 trans, 390 Posi rear differential

One of only 121 W-30 convertibles built in 1969, 91 of which were 4 speeds. The story behind this rare beauty is a short one. I found her in the April ' 97 issue of The Hemmings Motor News. It was listed with an Arizona phone number. Having just completed a restoration on my 69 442 hardtop, I wasn't really looking to buy another car, I just wanted to see if maybe I could get a few photos sent to me, having never seen a W-30 convertible before. While talking to the owner, he said the car was "back home" in Stamford, Connecticut. Well! This changed everything. The car was only a 2 hour drive and I had to see it.

By Memorial Day it was on a trailer and on it's way home to South Jersey. Purchased from the second owner with only 62,000 miles. Preserved as well as it was, the car was in good enough condition to put the top down and enjoy for the summer. By early winter, I started to disassemble it for the restoration. Because I am so meticulous about my cars, it's hard to believe that I was able to take it apart and put it back together in only three and a half months! Since owning her I've looked for others. I've only found/heard of three. If anyone else has one, or knows someone who does, E-mail me. I'd like to try to get a count on about how many are still out there.

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