David Booker's '69 442 Convertible

My wife and I had been looking for a '69 for several years. 1969 was my senior year in high school. I wanted a 442 so bad, but there was no way to do it back then. Now, having worked for 30 years, I can afford what I want. While all our friends are buying Land Rovers and Lexi, I went out and found this beautiful Olds. It was in great shape when I got it. All original except the top and expendables. We spent a few bucks and a lot of time getting it to the condition you see here. It has become my daily driver because I can't stay out of it.

Two things happen every time I take it out. 1) Someone makes me an offer and 2) My cheeks cramp for hours 'cause I have been grinning the whole time behind the wheel!

David's Email: dbooker@mindspring.com