Tim Breitbach's '69 442

What you see here is a prime example of a TRUE 60s musclecar. This vehicle came to our family in 1978 and was driven periodically for 5 years. I decided to have it repainted and then it got garaged and forgotten about for 13 years.
Along rolls 1996 and I decide that it is time to do some work on it. It has transformed from a rusty, gray, and neglected car into a fine cruising car. Up till last week it was running great. The water pump decided that it had taken enough abuse and died. I decided that since it is getting cold out I will park it for the winter.
Plans include new tires, new rear gearset, engine overhaul/transplant, shifter rebuild, new stereo, and headers. Right now it has a 455 engine, M21 transmission, Hurst shifter, 4.33 gears, and Hercules tires.

If you have any comments e-mail me at mbreitba@iastate.edu