Steve Bullock's '71 Cutlass SX

I bought this one sight unseen and drove it back 2200 miles from Arizona to Georgia! No problems, just replaced the swollen radiator hoses, and off we went!
It is that wonderful lime green with green interior! I think I am one of the few people that actually LOVE this color. It has, of course, the 455, TH-400.
One neat item is that it is an original cloth bench seat car. Other than A/C and P/W, it has surprisingly few options. Factory power drum brakes, also. It is in very good shape, and really only requires minor touch up in a few spots on the body, and that's only 'cause I tend to be a perfectionist.
It has 97,000 on the odometer, and still disentegrates the rear tire quite easily. Future plans include and engine/trans rebuild and detail, with a few internal modifications, of course. I added a factory am/fm unit out of one of my Vista parts's not quite stereo, but it'll do.

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