Michael & Janna Caplinger's '72 Cutlass 'S'

This is my Daughter Janna and my 1972 Cutlass "S" that I purchased for $1500.00 about 1 1/2 years ago. It was sitting in a back yard partially covered in junk roof shingles (the guy was a roofer). I have since added the vinyl top, switched to 15" rims that i sandblasted and painted, 255/60s in the front, 275/60s out back, rebuilt the front-end, added Global West springs, a Black Magic Electric fan and put in a carpet. The car has factory A/C, Power Steering, Tilt, and Disk Brakes. The engine is a stock rebuilt 350, with a quadrajet, hooker headers, 2 1/4 exhaust, Flow-Tech Raptor mufflers (nice and quiet), 2.73s in the rear and a turbo 350 with a shift kit.

I drive this car back and forth to work everyday. Since I started keepeing track of the mileage (November 1999 to May 2000), I have put over 13000 miles on it, averaging close to 450 miles a week. In town driving nets me 14-15 mpg with the A/C blastin. On the highway without the A/C, I knock down a solid 20 mpg on the long trips. (the electric fan was worth 1-2 mpg alone). I am in the Marine Corps and travel around Southern California inspecting Marine Aircraft units, so this car gets tons of miles on it and is rock-solid reliable. It is the 6th 68 to 72 Cutlass I have owned the the past 10 years, my favorite being the 68s, but i think since my daughter considers it "HERS" (she is 7), I think it will be the "Keeper" as she cries whenever I talk of selling it.

Mike & Janna's Email: mcaplin1@san.rr.com