John Capriglione's '70 Cutlass Supreme

I'm the third owner of this 1970 Cutlass Supreme. I purchased it in April of 98. Already having an Olds (see my 37 on the virtual showcase), my love for the marque is undying. I wanted an Olds to be my every day driver, so I sold an 89 American "generic car" and bought this piece of Oldsmobile History. It has been repainted the original color , sports a new vinyl roof , has a 442 rear bumber, and generally is in good original condition.

The Rocket 350 with 4 brl. Rochester puts out a healthy 310 hp. Since its mine I gave it some new rubber ( Firestone 225R70's), rebuilt the carb, replaced the alternator, and gave it a tune up. The front end was completely rebuilt as was the front and rear suspension. It's a joy to drive and turns heads when it goes by. Future plans are to spruce up the engine compartment. It has 113k miles and sounds and feels like it will go another 100k. I hope to be able to drive it the next 100k, for how better to travel America's highway than in a piece of American automotive history. Olds Forever!

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