Buster Christenson's '66 Jetstar 88

After getting quite sick enduring the summer heat of Tucson on a motorcycle, I decided I needed a car. I needed a car with Air Conditioning.
I had owned older cars in that past, and no new cars catch my fancy. So, I started reading the classified ads, with hopes of finding a classic.
I came across this '66 Jetstar 88 for $1000. I'd never seen a Jetstar before. After seeing Bryce's parts Jetstar I decided I liked the body style, and called the owner. $800 later I was the proud owner of a 1966 Olds Jetstar 88 with an almost perfect body and 110,000 miles on it.
With a few dings fixed, and a fresh coat of paint, I now own a classic car that turn heads all over Tucson. I'm constantly asked what kind of car it is, and they reply "a Jetwhat?". It sure is nice owning something unique. I still haven't seen another Jetstar in Tucson.
Next up is converting the A/C to R-134, a valve job, a new drag(center) link and whatever else pops up. It's a daily driver that gives me some relief from the scorching heat of the desert while being fun car to drive.

Buster's Email lathrop@azstarnet.com