William Clayton's 1965 Olds Cutlass F-85 Convertible

The following pictures are of my 1965 Olds Cutlass F-85 convertible. The car was in very bad shape when I took ownership back in 1990, as you can see by the before and after photos. I fell in love with body lines of the 65' Cutlass in 1984, my buddy bought a 1965 442 in high school. He still has the car, and will restore it eventually?

I was driving down a side street and saw the front end of this car, as it was parked in a field next to a shop, and told my wife to stop the car. It was the car I'd been looking for since 1984. I left a note on the windshield and after 2 visits to the shop I convinced the owner to sell it to me. It didn't run and the top had been down for 3 years, it was ugly. My wife wouldn't even sit in it. The seller agreed to tow it to my house for me as part of the sale. Nice guy... It had a 350 Olds motor with a TH350 and 3.08 gears in it when I got it.It was a column shift with a bench set and the interior was brush painted white, no kidding...brush painted. I converted it to a floor shifter and bucket seats with the factory center console with bullet Tach, I found a 65' F-85 in a wrecking yard and scored all the good parts for the swap.

It runs great now and looks even better, it has a 455 out of a donor car I bought in 1995, with a TH400 and 3.55 gears. I love going to Sear's Point Raceway, in Sonoma California, and picking on the Camaro's and Mustang's.

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