Roy Crandall's '66 Cutlass

This car is completely stock with 330 cu 4 bbl, ac, and 2 speed automatic. Two months ago I removed the orignal muffler. Dated stamped from general motors. It now has dual exhaust, I did save the muffler however. The car has bucket seats with red interior and the original am radio. It was bought at Steel City Oldsmobile in Alabama. I have original owners manual and warranty card with the original owners name and address. This is car is some much fun to drive that I leave my 89 cutlass parked, and drive this one almost daily. It has 97,500 miles. It still has the original paint. Yes it has plenty of dings, but for 33 years old it still has a little shine left in it. The rear bumper could use new crome. All things are minimal, I love this car and all Oldsmobile. To the best cars!!

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