Andy Crotts '71 Cutlass

This is my '71 Cutlass. It belonged to a friend of mine several years ago. It was originally a 350 2bbl car, no options except for air conditioning and an 8-track.

It was originally gold, but he wanted to paint it a color that would stand out, so he had it painted the '70 Dodge "sublime " color you see. Well he got married and his wife said she refused to ride in such a "green" car, so one man's misfortune turns into another man's gain. I got the car for $1,400! That included new paint, complete new brakes, new turbo-350, and new exhaust, new p245/60R 14's...Thank you Christie, If you hadn't hated the sight of this car, no telling what I might be driving.

I wasn't happy with the 350, and another friend had a '71 Delta 88, 455 that needed rebuilt, so I got started. I started with a .030 over bore job, 10.25/1 pistons, high volume oil pump, Mondello cam, 488/496 lift, roller rockers, double roller timing chain, W/Z exhaust manifolds, 2 1/2 inch exhaust, with 3 chamber flowmasters.

The carb. was rebuilt by the Holley rebuild shop, and I found a 3.42,Olds, 10 bolt, posi. rear end. The car is daily driven, I can't have a car like this and not drive it. I also added a rear wing and new chrome cut out bumper and a rechromed front bumper. I love this car. I just bought a '79 H/O and hope to send it to the car show soon. Send me e-mail if you want to talk Oldsmobiles.

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