Mark Dickinson's '70 Cutlass Supreme

Mark Dickinson's Aussie '70 Cutlass Supreme

She's a 1970 Cutlass Supreme. When I bought her from a car yard in 1988, she was in a pretty sorry state and painted a horrible baby poo yellow colour! I found out later, that apart from the car yard, I was the second owner since she came to Australia in 1970. She was bought new by one of execs of the company that did the conversion to right hand drive who apparently scared himself one day when he crashed her. I started a ground-up restoration in 1990 and had all the repairs done in metal. I've also added new door skins and fenders and had the hood reset onto the frame(it still doesn't sit properly though, due to the previous accident). I've also added an Edelbrock Performer manifold with a 1" spacer and 600 Holley carb, as well as having headers and pipes custom made(no off-the-shelf setup exists, of course due to the right hand drive conversion). Since the first respray, I got "T-boned" by a driver coming out of a give-way sign(who could hardly speak English - how do they get licenses?), and have resprayed her again in a period Chev colour - "Bright Red". I've just had the gaskets all replaced, as the main seal(horsehair) was leaking - it did last 60,000 mi, though!

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