Carol DiQuilio's '72 Cutlass Supreme

I have owned this car for 17 years now, it was love at first sight when I saw the orange rusty beast sitting for sale along the roadside. At this point, I really don't believe I even noticed the rust holes in it, even though there was a big one in the roof of the car. I was then driving a 1971 Cutlass that I had drove when I moved from Buffalo down to Texas.....
Talked to some guy friends to go look at the car to see what they thought. I had to borrow the $1,200 to buy the car back then. Of course they pointed out the holes in the quarter panels and the big one in the roof, but I didn't listen to them anyway.
The car had 79,000 miles in 1982, and it drove great! Had more power (it seemed) than my 1971, and it was the coolest and black. SO, of course I bought the over priced Oldsmobile.
Then it rained, and that hole in the roof really was starting to get on my nerves! Took it to a shop, to fix the hole, dash rust and put a new vinyl top back on. I must have misunderstood how much this would cost, cause when I went to pick the car up, I was SHOCKED. So I immediately had to sell my 1971 to pay for the repairs. Keep in mind, I was only 22 years old back then.
Over the years the car has slowly been fixed up, but always keeping it original. Luckily when I bought it, it was all original, just rusty! I had always had a dream to make it brand new again. It has always been my daily driver. It made numerous trips back to Buffalo, New York. , went camping a lot and never broke down, just sucked gas!
So finally in 1991, I had the money to really do something about fixing the car, and making it new again. I also discover the company called "Year One" There went the credit card, when I got their first catalog in the mail.
I also went to my first auto swap meet, and there sat a picture of another orange Cutlass, sitting in a field, for sale. Drove 100 miles out there to inspect my donor car. I had an idea to cut 1/2 the body off of this car to replace the bad parts on mine. Trying to find a shop to tackle this was another whole story. So for $200.00, I was the owner of this non-rusty body.
Nine months later, and many headaches the car can home from the body shop, new body and all. Won some trophies back then, but it still was my daily driver. Couldn't keep the car up to showing it for long, so just had fun with it.
Along comes 1998, and I was in an accident with it. Think I went into shock, thinking we had to rebuild this car again! The whole front end was wrecked. Luckily the insurance didn't fight with me, and they gave my quite a bit of money. I just couldn't total this car!!!!
So now, I think for once in it's life, the car will be put together and painted correctly, it still is basically rust free. Found a Ram-Air hood, new fenders, core support, and now after many months of putting everything together, it is at the body shop. As of today, they blasted all the old paint off, looks great!
We also put on every option that I would have ordered, if I had bought the car new.

The car has:
Ram-air hood
Outside temp. gauge
Rally Pac
Power seat/windows/door locks
Cruise Control
Tilt steering wheel
Sport wheel
Power truck release
Automatic seat back release
Hood Lock
Olds Tissue dispenser
Original floor mats and truck mat
Rear window defroster
mirror with map light
Seat belt warning

Luckily I live with a mechanic...Thank You Steve!

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