Scott Dunkle's '69 Cutlass S Convertible

After looking around forever for a car in 1991, we came across an almost entirely restored Cutlass Convertible. Not wanting to spend that much, we kept looking and finally found this stylish brute. The body was ok, and it needed much work for my everyday driving. After much fix-ups in the engine, a new interior, dashboard, new top, rallye tires, and disc brakes, I had a car worth driving and being proud of.
I've had at least 20 offers to buy while sitting at traffic lights, 1 of them cash on the spot...I'll never sell!

We are now starting to think about finishing the job in terms of restoration, and the thought of a shiny, powerful Rocket 350 Olds Cutlass S Convertible is exciting.

Email Scott Dunkle if you'd like, or if you have any spare parts lying around.