Larry Eldridge's '68 442 Convertible

i bought this fine car in the summer of 1996 for $3800. it had a terrible paintjob, but the body was solid, so i had a $1200. paintjob put on it the 3rd week i had it. it has a 455 4brl, 400 turbo automatic (reciently rebuilt), it had a 3:08 posi, which i am in the process of putting a 3:23 in it. the car has 126,000 miles and a fresh engine. i drive this car 40 to 60 miles a day in the summer, (i love the attention). the picture was taken at my first car show, in willard ohio, in july of 1997 at the festival. there was no prizes, no best of show, just a local car club that enjoys older cars. i have always liked the olds 442 and cuttlass. my father had a 1969 olds cuttlass when i was a kid, which he bought new, and i have always wanted one, and when the chance to own one came i dove in. i hope to see more photos of oldsmobiles, and wish to thank bryceman, for his fine webpage.

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