Jason Ellis's '70 442

This is a couple pictures of my 1970 442 cutlass. I bought this car from a guy in durand michigan in 1999 and have been enjoying it ever since. Options on this car include a tic toc tac, dual gate shifter and the w-25 hood package. we are still unsure if it is a w-30 or not since it was redonne and some of the original stuff is gone and replaced (red fenderse, posi, and original high comp. moter). curently has a 4:11 rear, 455 olds big block built, flowmaster exsaust, 400 tranny, shift kit and all the trimmings. I am in the process of reduing and making back to original so if anyone has a moter or 1970 parts please let me know.
Great car and cant believe they are discontinuing oldsmobiles, i have owned 3 442's including a 68 and 87 and nothing runs like an olds!

Jason's Email: Junellis1@cs.com