Rob Elwell's '72 Cutlass

On my 18th Birthday, I was given my first car, a 1972 Olds Cutlass Supreme. Initially, I was dismayed to find out the car was a four-door, but that dismay soon vanished when I got behind the wheel of the car. I learned to drive in the monster, and shortly after I got my license, I started a journey with this machine that would be both exciting and fun. This car was originally owned by Jerry Briggs, a Walla Walla rsident, who only used the car for trips to church on Sunday, and long-distance trips. When I recieved the car, it only had 135,000 miles on it. In the end, though, Mr. Briggs' health started failing him due to a fight with cancer, and he sold the car to my grandfather. His hope would be that someone would get the car who would love and appreciate it like he did. I lived in Tacoma, Washington at the time, and so my grandffather drove it from Walla Walla to Tacoma. He handed me the keys, and said "Enjoy!" Along with the car itself, I was given some money to put the car back together, since it was in slightly bad condition. The paint was wrecked, and the body had some severe rusting in the rear panels. I got this stuff fixed, and gave the car a new coat of metalic blue paint. I also added a CD player, and American Racing "Slotted Directional" mag wheels. Over time, the car has gone with me through some rather immense trips. From chasing down a would-be hit-&-run to stopping bullets, the car has been my pride and joy ever since I've owned it.

I felt it prudent to give the car a name, and so I decided to christen it "The Sentimental Journey", with an idea in my head to put the nose-art of the legendary B-17 Bomber on the trunk. Being as I'm a starving college student, I haven't been able to do this yet. Besides the wheels, the only mechanical change I've made to the car has been to replace the old points-system ignition wioth an HEI electronic ignition system from a '75 350-CID motor. Now, I've lived in Walla Walla for close to two years, and I've brought the car with me. She's gotten a rather heavy reputation as one of the stronger street duelers in the town, and I've even gotten offers to sell the car. My answer has always been "Sorry, not interested." After all I've been through with the car, I've decided to keep it, and make it the start of my Olds Cutlass/442 collection.

Model: Cutlass Supreme
Year: 1972
Engine: Rocket 350
Transmission: TurboHydramatic 350
Color: Blue w/ Black roof

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