Bert Enjoem's '70 442 W-30

I bought this car two years ago overhere in Holland by a guy who brought it from California. First i replaced all bushings for PU bushings and then replace exhaust manifolds for headers and three chamber american thunder. After running this baby on the track in 1999, i decide to rebuild the engine. Here are the specs: 455 over .060 arias flattops with valvereliefs, crankshaft polished and oil holes faced and balanced, camshaft .518" lift 286 dur.@50, E heads flowed, three angle job and ported, performer dualplane manifold, ignition hei with msd 6 A kit, 750 dp, buick th 400, 3.90 posi 31 splines, dual gate shifter

I overspray the rocket in my own style. As they say custom.

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