Robert Eye's '67 442

My name is Robert Eye i live in Genoa Ohio (near Toledo) . My dream car has always been a 1967 Oldsmobile 442. My parents were quite aware of this fact despite their uncommon interest in pontiacs and them owning a 1967 GTO for 30 years (the 442's competition for the market and on the drag strip) i loved their car but for some reason I favored the 442 of that year. Well one day my sophomore year in high school my mother popped an unusal question, "do you want a 67 442?" and i responded sure, but umm we know how easy they are are to obtain and just laughed, well later that day i found myself in a town not more than 10 miles from my house observing pieces of a 1967 442 in a shell of a body, in the intereior, and in the trunk. That was covered in ice and snow, late one cold and blistering february eve. The guy had told us on the phone it had been sold for $1500 my mother's stubboness and her sheer desire of my possesing that car ventured us out to take a look at a sold car.

We looked and my mother asked me if i wanted it. Of course we all know i responded with an excited "of course" but i reminded her it was sold . She said son this car has'nt been sold yet , and asked the man selling it if he would "sell it out from under" this man that had put nothing down on it. He said "well no" and she said "would $1800 change your mind" he said "yes" and i had it towed home the next day since then 3 years has passed. i looked for a 400 for about 3 months and found nothing (searching the net and local yards and dealers but nothing was found.

I got frustated and went with a 1970 olds 442 w-30 engine that had been rebuilt and bored .30 over and had a high performance cam and some other mondello suggestions added to its list of parts. Apparantley the man hadnt paid his bill and it sat there and the rebulid shop asked only what the rebuild was for the complete engine the bill came to 1295.00 what a steal. Then after assembling the rest of the car including the interior . I ran her a summer of my junior year and drove her to school. I blew 3 TH 400s that summer with the 500+ ft/lbs of torque from the 455. The car still required a louvered hood, emblems, rechromed bumpers, a new windsheild , mirrors, trim and a paint job. Since then i have acquired most of these parts at the Oldsmobile Centennial Fest in Lansing and installed all of the previous items this winter. I have enclosed pics of the 455 when i put her in. and a pic of the 442 in white which is the color i recived her in. Since then i have also had it painted torch red and had the 455 redone. I havent had nice enough weather here to get her out and take pics of her since the new things have been added. First chance I get I will and send them to Bryce and have him update my pics. The 442 has cost me about $7,000 since her purchasing date and i wouldnt sell her for a million. I will never part with my 442 or as i call her "Gretchen"

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