ęcopywright 1997 by John Frame

Jim Frame's '72 442

My name is Jim Frame and this is my 72 Olds 442. I first saw it six years ago when I was 19. A friend of mine owned it and as soon as I saw it I was in love. He owned it for about a month when he told me he was going to sell it, I immediately told him I wanted to buy it. I already had 2400 of his 3400 asking price. I just needed a bank loan, I tried every where but because I had no credit history and the car was so old I couldn't get one, I thought I was going to loose this car. A few days later I told my friend what had happened and I guess he could see the disappointment in my eyes so he took my 2400 gave me the car and let me make 75 dollar a month payments to him for a year.

Since I got it I had the 455 rebuilt and modified, It has TRW forged pistons with 11 to 1 compression, and ported and polished heads. The interior is custom black and tan cloth and I added super stock three wheels from an 86 Cutlass. I guesstamate it to have about 450 horsepower, and it sounds about right because it has a best time of 13.4 in the quarter with only a 2.73 single track rear end. (Not bad huh). I have snagged 18 trophies so far and this show season hopefully I will get more. (If you noticed it has a 70 rear bumper, that's because I got into a wreck 3 years ago and it was the only bumper I could find with the cut outs).

This is my 79 Cutlass I bought it about 2 years ago so I wouldn't have to drive my precious 442 in the winter again. It has a 307 high output V8 from an 84 Hurst Olds, and true duel exhaust. I also added a duel gate shifter from a 79 Hurst Olds. It's not the fastest Olds in the world but it sure is fun to drive.

Jim's Email: jaframe@siue.edu